Let’s get to know each other, shall we?

I’ve started this blog to track what I eat, track my fitness, and really just try not to bore the world with my little life in Washington, DC. But I have a confession to make, I don’t plan on starting tracking my eating till about next week. I know, I know you are thinking, what the hell? But I actually have a legitimate excuse, which is a great introduction for us getting to know each other (and by “us” I do mean the interwebz and myself because no one is around yet, maybe no one ever will be, but a girl can wish, right?)

Currently, I am sitting in a compound, typing this entry from Baghdad, Iraq! Let’s get a few immediate questions out of the way. No, I am not in the military, and no I am not crazy.

Here’s a little background:

I graduated from a small liberal arts college in the Los Angeles area in May of 2007. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and went on to another small school in Northern California,  Monterey to be exact, and got my Masters in Public Administration, focusing on International Management. I took lots of classes on Emergency Management, Program Management and Humanitarian Assitsance to be specific and eventually made my way out to Washington and found a job working for a government contractor (like the majority of people in this area!)

My job just happens to be a little unique, and I do project management based in DC for a variety of contracts around the world. My job is stressful, complex, and a constant love-hate relationship, but the travel aspect of it is definitely the best part of it. And while most people wouldn’t dream of wanting to go to Iraq, I am so happy to finally be here, albeit, slightly bored. Sitting on a compound isn’t that exciting of stuff. That being said, I love understanding from a field perspective how many guys do there jobs over here, and for that the boredom is worth it. Plus, I’m only here for a little over a week, so I think I can manage!

I have had the opportunity to travel to several places with my company including Jordan, Sudan, and Peru to name a few. I love traveling, and have even played with the idea of moving to “the field” as we call it. But for now, DC is where I call home, and we shall see what comes next.

I’ve always been active in life, I played soccer and tennis growing up, but I’ve always seemed to have a sweet tooth. I used to be very picky when it came to eating, but an ex-boyfriend of mine introduced me to the world of culinary delight and I haven’t turned back since. The problem I have: over-indulgence. I’m not saying I binge eat, I’m just saying that the balance I believe I need to loose some weight and just overall feel good is not where I at right now. And something needs to be done to change this.

With exercise I go through patterns of lots of gym time and no gym time, and again, I need to find that balance, and find things to do that I actually enjoy doing. I used to jump on the elliptical and call it a day. Speaking of boredom, right?

So with all the free time I’ve had here in Baghdad, I’ve finally decided it was time to just start a blog myself, after really enjoying and being inspired by some great blogs out there.

I am 100% trying to understand what I am consuming while here, and do some portion control, but as we only have certain foods available, I really don’t have the liberty of what goes into my mouth – that liberty is what the cook decides!

I decided to start a blog early while here before I jump in head first though to really start preparing myself and to start processing and brainstorming how I think I should go about doing this. I’ve got some ideas, so we shall see. I’m excited to jump on the fit train, almost as much as I’m excited to get back stateside! 6 days to go!


One thought on “Let’s get to know each other, shall we?

  1. Welcome to the blogging world! You’ll be addicted before you know it – I’ve made some of my best friends through my blog, some I haven’t even met but talk to on a daily basis as if they were my next door neighbor.

    Get home safe! 😀

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