How do you say Activia in Arabic?

Normally when I travel I really prepared ahead. I make sure I have all my first aid supplies, electronic cords, underoos, you name it. Well on this trip, since I was heading to Iraq, my strategy to remain calm, cool and collective was to not worry about leaving. Well, this resulted in me being quite relaxed, but also me not really being that prepared while here. Example A, I forgot my camera cord. At least I remembered my Luna Bars?

Oh Blueberry Bliss, I know we aren't suppose to choose favorites, but...

So, because of this, you are probably saying to yourself, “How do you even know I here than, huh?” I could have come up with this elaborate excuse just to get out of starting my healthy ways… but, thankfully, I have this high tech device called a Blackberry, which will be your provider of entertainment today.

I mentioned before there are “cooks” here. I say that lightly because often this means fried chicken for lunch (which I skipped today I might add, strange soup doused in hot sauce it was,) followed by pizza for dinner. Not good, my friends, not good. We are having a BBQ tonight, so I know it won’t be pizza, probably just meat, and LOTS of it. I swear, I’ve had more beef here in the past few days than I’ve had in the past few months. I’ll be taking a breather from it when I return to the States, I can guarantee you that. So since the cooks here are just so great, there are an plethora of condiments and other “essentials” to choose from to get you through your day and meals – all which almost prove I’m really here in Iraq. (And please, look past the BB picture quality, to see what really matters, the Arabic on the product 😉 )

That's right, Chocolate Milk. I may have tried this, and it may have been creamy and delicious. Maybe.

Hot Sauce! Basically, I use this to make everything taste slightly better.

Tea! Lipton at that.

No "real" coffee in sight... and just realizing I've been doing Decaf. No wonder I've been so sleepy!

So I haven't tried this. But I'm thinking it could be good... No judge!

Now this I do eat, perfect in the AM, plus you know they say it keeps you...

And finally, my diet staple... although I know. I should really give this up!

I always love seeing what products look like in other places. It’s just fun. When I get back to the States, a proper pictorial will be provided. Until then, its back to Arab Activia and Pepsi Diet (1 Calorie after all!)


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