Goal #2: Follow a healthy, realistic diet plan.

While I know my goal of running a half-marathon will really set the tone for my journey towards better health, what I put in my mouth each day also has to be accounted for. As I’ve mentioned I love food. I love trying new things. I love snacking. I just love to eat. Period.

Loving to eat is not a bad thing. I know that. But I know that I have to make sure what I am eating is fueling my body and helping me achieve weight-loss in a healthy, tasty, happy way.

A few years ago, I decided to go on a diet called the Abs Diet. I am sure some of you have heard of it. Well, I really wouldn’t even call it that. A diet. In my opinion it’s really a program that helps you adopt healthy ways of living that includes:

– Eating six meals (including snacks) evenly throughout the day

– Planning most meals around the Abs Diet Power 12 Food Groups, with each meal containing two of the following:

Almonds and other nuts
Beans & other Legumes
Spinach & other Green Vegetables
Dairy Products
Instant Oatmeal
Turkey & other Lean Meats
Peanut Butter
Olive Oil
Whole Grain Breads & Cereals
Extra Protein (Whey) Powder
Raspberries & other Berries

Sample Abs Diet Breakfast

– Emphasizing protein, fiber, & healthy fats (mono & poly)

-Limiting refined carbohydrates (baked goods, sugar, white bread, rice and pasta, saturated fasts, trans fats, and high fructose corn syrup)

– Drinking mostly water. Limiting yourself to 2 or 3 alcoholic beverages per week

– Cheating once a week by eating anything your heart desires

– Exercising

I did the program for about 4 weeks right after college, felt great and lost some weight. Then I started dating a guy, and what I had learned went right out the window due to date nights, movie nights, you name it. This meal plan I believe will lay out the basic principles for how I want to eat, and is how I am going to start building my way to healthy again. All the 12 power foods, I already like. And I know that if I am following a “plan” of sorts the first 6 weeks, I will be able to track what I eat, how I eat, and hopefully adopt a diet that sticks this time.

I know that I can eat healthy, and make good choices at every meal (and still have a cheat meal every now and again.). And that is why I think this “diet” is a good way to start. I have a meal off so to speak, I can still have an adult beverage now (I love me some wine, what can I say,) and its a way that I feel I can eat well, and hopefully shed some weight.

I plan to start this plan the same day I start my half training plan. I want to line them up so that I can track results. I am excited, motivated, and ready to run, eat well, and feel great.

One more day in Iraq (hopefully, pending Sand Storms) and then I begin my journey back to the States. Cannot wait!


6 thoughts on “Goal #2: Follow a healthy, realistic diet plan.

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    • Hi! I just officially started it yesterday, and will try to post what I am eating each day! But basically, its 3 small meals and 3 snacks throughout the day!

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