Setting Myself up for Success.

As I mentioned yesterday, my lunchtime plan was interrupted by a lunch I was expected to attend, and as it turned out, so were my dinner plans. Two of my close colleagues that work in The Sudan are in town for the week, and when they invited me for drinks and dinner after work, it was something I felt like I couldn’t say no to. While I planned on going home and making a nice dinner, I knew that going out with them after work was something that I really had to do. So I again, had to adjust my plan.

We ended up going to the same place we had gone for lunch, Harrington’s Pub & Kitchen, because my two colleagues decided it was the” best bar near their hotel.” I had originally planned on staying for one glass of wine, but as the peer pressure piled on and a game of bar trivia started (I love trivia) I decided to have a second glass before changing to water. Now let me tell you, I have been known in my day to drink more than two bottles glasses of wine in my time, so me stopping at two was a success in itself (that sounds bad, but hey, if I can’t be honest here where can I be.) We ended up winning the trivia competition which was actually really fun and I finally convinced them that this girl needed food immediately – and somewhere else then where I had eaten lunch. I know, such a diva.

We ended up at a restaurant called, Ketchup, just a block or so away, and I ordered a Crab Spinach Salad, as I thought it was the best option for me on the menu.

Crab meat, spinich, pecans, goat cheese, tomatoes & dried cranberries

It was alright, but nothing I would write home about. I need to remember to ask for dressing on the side, because it was slightly overdressed. Luckily it was just a vinaigrette, so not too many extra calories 😉

Adjusting is something that I have to get used to doing smartly, because its something that we as people have to do every few minutes day. Normally, if I ended up having one, never mind two, unplanned events come up in one day, I would have just given up all together on my diet and would have said, I’m starting tomorrow. But this isn’t about tomorrow. This is about right now and making a commitment for the long run with my health.  Adjusting to a new health lifestyle is not going to be easy, but if I adjust the decisions I make one at a time, I will be well on my way. There will always be “bumps” in the road, but hopefully they get smoothed out over time, right?

Yesterday I played my adjustment cards the best I could in regards to eating, however, I do not think I set myself up for success in the exercise department. I woke up yesterday morning without a clue on how I was going to tackle my first day of training – “Stretch & Strengthen.” I planned on figuring it out that morning but when I woke up, I hadn’t slept well and thought to myself, I will just figure it out when I get home from work.

Well I didn’t get home from work until 10pm, so clearly my planned session did not happen. I definitely need to plan my strength sessions out better, so what I did today is research a few books I’ve seen making their way around other blogs I read and decided to order The New Rules of Lifting for Women: Lift Like a Man, Look Like a Goddess.

It’s suppose to come next week, so until then I will have to think of a different alternative. This time I will plan more in advance. 🙂


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