Taco (Salad) Tuesday.

With yesterday being a challenging first day, I woke up feel ready to have a good day. I woke up and headed down to the gym to get in my first run of my half training. I was scheduled to do 3 miles, but my body was just not feeling it. I got on the treadmill and started off by walking .25 miles to warm up a bit as I normally do. I must have slept “stiff” if you will, because my legs were cramped and I was just not feeling it from the get go. I started to run, keeping a slow pace of 12:30 because I knew this was my first run in a while and I didn’t want to overdo myself, well apparently even the 12:30 was too much because my side started cramping to the point where I had to stop and walk after only running a half mile. I walked another .25 and then thought that I could keep going so I started a slow run up again for about .25 miles before the cramping started again. I walked another .25 and knew that my body just was not responding well, so I jumped on the elliptical for .5 miles so I at least got to 2 miles for my first workout.

I knew jumping into a routine wasn’t going to be easy, but I am honestly not sure why it was that hard on me. The only thing I can think of is normally I don’t eat anything if I wake up in the AM to workout, and today I thought it might be a good idea to eat little bit of a Lara Bar since I woke up feeling a bit hungry. I also may have drank too much water? I am not sure, but tomorrow I will try waiting to eat and be conservative on my water to see if it is all just my body telling me to take it slow in the beginning or if it was what I ate. I want to be honest on here though, so this is me talking it all. All comments, suggestions, and “you fool’s” are always welcome 😀

Sidenote: Today was my first full day following Abs Diet guidelines, without interruptions, and it went really well. I’m not sure if I am always going to post pictures of  everything I eat, but I think the first few days I will just to show what I am eating, portion sizes, etc. With the Abs Diet its about eating intuitively, eating protein packed, natural, good for you foods, with complex carbs and fruits and veggies thrown in, and eating three meals a day plus three snacks. They encourage you to avoid packaged foods, especially those with high-fructose corn syrup and other less natural ingredients. (As a challenge to myself, I am trying to replace the sweeteners I use a lot, like Splenda, with Stevia, and am trying to decrease/eventually stop, my Diet Soda sipping.)

Back to my day…I didn’t let my workout get me down though. I came back to my apartment, jumped in the shower, and then made a quick breakfast.

On the menu today, whole wheat English muffin, peanut butter, a dab of honey on each and some apple slices, with a small cup of fat free milk on the side. Perfectly filling and delectable.

I headed to work and had a snack a few hours into my day of non-fat TJ raspberry yogurt with blueberries on top.

I definitely notice when I work out in the AM that I am hungrier throughout the day, so I think the meals and snacking routine I am following is going to be good for that! Sometimes while I work I forget to eat, and this is when I end up heading for the Jelly Belly’s or going and getting something for lunch that is not a great choice.

Since I went out to lunch yesterday, I still had my lunch from Monday waiting for me in the refrigerator at work. I was a little nervous it was going to be a bit soggy as it was a wrap but it still ended up being delicious, and the lettuce and broc slaw was even still crunchy.

Whole wheat wrap with hummus, fat free feta, lettuce, broc slaw, onions & deli turkey.

Nom, nom, nom.

I had a bit of a hectic day, and around 4pm I realized I hadn’t had my afternoon snack.(Yes, its back to being in Kindergarten and I love it.) Nuts and dried fruit are some of the suggested snacks for Abs, so I decided to go for easy and pull out a Lara Bar.

I had never had the Cashew Cookie flavor, and while not my favorite, ingredients of only cashews and dates makes me a happy lady. The last bite was definitely better than the first, so perhaps that’s a sign it will grow on me!

I got out of the office around 5:30 and was so happy I had already got my work out in for the day. I drove home and began making my favorite Tuesday night dinner– Taco Salad. I started making this at the beginning of the year and my roommate absolutely loved it. I love home made tacos, but putting all the fun ingredients over a bed of lovely lettuce makes for such a healthier dinner! It’s become a bi-weekly tradition I’d say to make this meal, and it makes Tuesdays (or whatever day I make it) that much better. What can I say, I love food!

I made the taco mixture this week with good, old fashion, ground turkey. I love making tacos with a variety of fun meats and fishes, but this week i thought I’d go back to basics with a turkey twist.

My plate was made up with a big pile of fresh farmer’s market lettuce, ground turkey, black beans, broc slaw (I think I am obsessed, seriously, pick some up at TJ’s you will not regret it!), onions, salsa, lite Mexican blend cheese, and a dollop of homemade guac. I love when cold salads have warm components, and this to me, may be one of the most perfect salads out there. And it’s not just because I make it, promise 😉

I tried to watch Combat Hospital after dinner On Demand since I missed the first episode and another one airs tonight, but I really just could not get into it. I usually love medical dramas, but this one just seemed a little pushing it to me. (Maybe because I work in austere environments and it just seems pushed? Who knows…)

A little after dinner I had my third and final snack of the day: half a cup of light(ish) cookies n cream ice cream. Totally allowed on Abs I might add, although, they recommend I think I bit lighter ice cream then TJ’s makes, but I didn’t end up going to a regular grocery place this week, so this will have to do!

All in all, despite the bumpy start at the gym, I am feeling good about today. Tomorrow is coming soon though so I am off to sleep.

How was your Tuesday? And how do you tackle morning workouts? I would love/need all the help I can get!


One thought on “Taco (Salad) Tuesday.

  1. Love, love, love taco salads! I am meeting a friend at Moe’s Southwest Grill at lunch – they have the nutritional info online, thank goodness. I first picked a grilled chicken taco and it came in at over 600 calories! Know where all the calories are?? The tortilla! So I skipping it altogether, and with a cup of soup my lunch will only be 12 points – yum!

    I need to get to bed early to wake up early, but I do love getting in my exercise first thing – it sets a tone for the rest of the day for me to make good choices!

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