Hitting the Trail.

I left work at around 5:00pm yesterday, which is a small feat in itself for me at times with my crazy schedule, but I knew it had to be done because this girl had to hit the gym. I really prefer getting my workouts over in before I head to work for the day because I think it starts my day off right and I don’t have to worry about finding time later in the day to schedule it in. But this week, with a long weekend, and a late night on Monday, I knew my Tuesday workout was going to have to happen after work.

Before leaving work I snacked on a Larabar to get a little pre-work out fuel in my system.

I had never had the Cherry Pie before and it was actually really good – with bits off tangy cherries. Normally, I am ready to start making dinner when I get home from work, so I knew I had to at least give myself something in the afternoon to hold myself over.

I got home, geared up, and headed down to the gym. In the morning, the gym in my apartment building is dead, no one to be found, but in the afternoon, well this was a different story, at least for this Tuesday afternoon. All of the treadmills were taken and I wasn’t in the mood to wait around, so I decided to head into the heat outside and hit the trail.

Sunglasses were a last minute grab out of my car. Never again! These slipped off left & right!

Running on the treadmill is definitely easier then running outside. Oh how I know that. But I think the gym being full was a blessing in disguise, because I need to start alternating my running both inside and outside so that I am ready for my outdoor half marathon (writing outdoor half seems silly, but you know what I mean!)

I did approximately 3 miles (definitely 3 maybe a bit more?) in about 45 minutes. I know that I am on the slower side now, but you know what, I am moving, and will improve in each stride that I take, so that’s what’s leaving a smile on my face. Because I am feeling good! Running is making me feel good. And that’s exciting in my book.

I got home and decided to figure out what to throw in the oven before taking a shower. I was a sweaty, HOT mess, but it was almost 7:00pm at this point and so dinner needed to happen sooner rather then later.

I ended up throwing together a pork tenderloin that I had purchased at Trader Joe’s last week. I threw it in a baking pan, sprinkled some salt and pepper on it, “crusted” it was a Tuscan Seasonings mixture that I have, and put it in the oven for 45 minutes at 350 degrees. I paired the pork with some brown rice and asparagus, and while it turned out slightly dryer than I would have hoped, overall it was pretty tasty for a last minute dinner.

While I was waiting for the pork to cook I also had a pre-dinner “dessert” to hold me over. A glass of fat free milk with a scoop of chocolate protein powder. It definitely hit the spot and held me over until dinner was served.

I watched a episode of “Sex and the City” which never disappoints in my opinion, whether I’ve seen it once or five times before, and also watched a bit of “The Kennedys” series (the one with Katie Holmes and Greg Kinnear) on Netflix before crashing into my bed.

Off to make some breakfast and head out the door for work! Happy Hump Day everyone!  😉



3 thoughts on “Hitting the Trail.

    • The Virginia Beach Rock n Roll Half Marathon in September!

      So glad you found my blog, excited to hear from another Jane! Checking out your blog now!

  1. What a gorgeous place to run! Love all the photos. I made the mistake of wearing non-running sunglasses (while running) once… maaann, bad idea! Keep up the great work training– can’t wait to read more. 🙂

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