Yesterday before heading to the doctor’s I had a quick snack to hold me over since my appointment was at 5:00 and I had a few errands to run afterwards. I purchased some Vitatop Muffins a while ago so I decided to try one with some strawberries on the side since I was having a girl moment before my lady’s doctor’s appointment.

It deifnitely made me feel better ūüėČ

I headed to my doctor’s appointment and then headed to CVS to drop off a¬†prescription. They said it take about 30 minutes, so I wandered around the “mall” (I say “mall” because its definitely in the running for the the saddest mall in America) to kill the time.

I wandered around before running into a place to get your eyebrow’s threaded. I’ve done this a few times before and since my eyebrow’s were crazy needing a cleanup, I decided to stop and get them done. I always feel pretty ridiculous sitting in the middle of the mall getting it done, but its cheap ($10.00) and means I don’t have to pluck!

Not the actual place I went, but one in the same mall. Mine was much classier. Obviously.

Up close and personal. (Might as well keep the embarrassment coming.)

After the¬†embarrassment¬†I was all set, I headed back to CVS, got my goods, and headed home and made a quick dinner. I’ve always heard good things about Amy’s frozen foods, so I bought one of her frozen burritos a while back for a quick dinner. Tonight was the perfect night as it was late and I was ready for some food!

I covered the burrito and my side of¬†asparagus¬†in TJ’s salsa and some Cholula and called it dinner. I also had a glass of FF milk on the side because I’m 6 years old.

I caught up with some really high-quality, reality TV shows, before decided I needed a little dessert to finish up my day.

More churned PB ice cream for this girl. I think I’ve been having a little too much dairy lately, so I am thinking of getting some almond milk to try. I’ve had it before but can’t really remember if it was something I liked or not, so its on my list for this weekend’s trip to the store.

I watched more of “The Kennedy’s” before heading to bed which I am really enjoying. The Kennedy’s have always fascinated me! And Katie Holmes (alien lover or not) is doing a great job as Jackie O.

No run for me yesterday as I was pretty swamped in the afternoon, but I plan on getting one in today after work. I have a feeling its going to be a lazy weekend, because after last weekend I think I need it! (I’m getting old, what can I say ;))


5 thoughts on “Threaded.

  1. I like Trader Joe’s unsweetened vanilla milk. It’s in the fridge section next to dairy and soy milk. Only 40 calories and works great in cereal, smoothies and iced coffee. I am also a big fan of their unsweetened Organic Soy milk.

  2. i’m kind of jealous of your day and your meals. Even though they were “quick” they still looked really delicious. I love Amy’s, especially her pizzas. Y.U.M.

    I’ve never tried threading but your up close and personal photo made me think twice. Last time I got my eyebrows waxed (which I do like 1x/year) i had scabs on my eyelids for 1 week. Not pretty! ūüė¶

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