PB & Sushi Heaven. (Not at the same time.)

Yesterday, after I had already eaten my breakfast (rude) I received my Vermont Peanut Butter order in the mail that I got off of Carrots ‘n’ Cake’s OpenSky. (Click the link if you want an invite!)

My trio of peanut butter included an almond/peanut butter mix with dried fruits & nuts, a dark chocolate peanut butter and a white chocolate peanut butter. I couldn’t help but have a quick sample.

I tried the White Chocolate one first. This stuff is so good. I could have eaten the whole jar if I really wanted to. I stopped myself after cleaning off the lid cover. (Insert drooling here.)

The peanut butter is from Vermont Peanut Butter and then have a ton of different kinds of peanut butter. This package probably won’t last long so I am already thinking of what flavors I want to order next. The PB is a quality, locally made (in VT) and crafted product that is free of harmful preservatives, hydrogenated oils, GMO’s , palm fruit oils, excess sugar and salt. Basically, its pretty darn good for you and super delicious. (No they did not pay me to say that, the peanut butter speaks for itself!)

After my peanut butter excitement died down a bit, I head to the gym to get a run in. I’m not sure what happened, but I got some really bad cramps in my stomach, so just after 2 miles I called it a run. I’m hoping to get in a longer run today to end my week on a high note.

I came back from the gym feeling a little frustrated. I am working really hard, but running is just not easy! And that is something I need to remember in times of frustration. I just have to keep on working at in and my stride will feel more and more comfortable. It’s all about positive thinking, right?

I made myself a quick protein smoothie when I got back and put it in my favorite mug to sip on while I stretched a bit.

In the mix:

  • Chia seeds
  • Frozen strawberries
  • Frozen pineapple
  • 2 scoops vanilla protein powder (TJ Brand)
  • Milk
  • Ice

It definitely hit the spot. I took a quick shower and then headed down to the pool to get a little Vitamin D in for the day.

I know, sexy, right?

After an hour or two I started getting hungry so I called it a day at the pool and went inside to make a light lunch with a sandwich thin, turkey, a small slice of pepper jack cheese, onions, lettuce and just a tad of lowfat mayo. Strawberries on the side for a touch of sweetness.

Perfect light lunch to hold me over until dinner, aka SUSHI!

My plans for the most laziest weekend ever a lazy weekend were quickly persuaded after the roommate and I decided that sushi sound good for dinner. We decided to get dressed up and head out for a fun Saturday night. (Insert self portraits now.)

For sushi we decided to go to Ping’s in Shirlington. It’s not too far from our house and the food is great. I started with a nice glass of Verde Vino.

Followed by a Seaweed Salad, a Grilled Salmon Roll and an order of Yellow Tail Sashimi. It was all so good and left me full! Sushi is one of those things that fills you up faster than you think it will.

Bad lighting, awesome seaweed.

More bad lighting, but awesome sushi!

I think I need to start using a real camera and stop using my iPhone (which desperately needs an upgrade.) Someone from the bar bought us both a shot of Patron, which was quite intense! But a little fun to know we still got it 😉

Overall dinner was fantastic. I love sushi so much, and while the best sushi comes from the West Coast, this was pretty darn good.

Afterwards we went out for a drink in DC, another glass of wine for me, and then called it a night. It was dead in DC! And my bed was calling my name.

I woke up this morning late! 10:30am! I clearly needed some extra zzz’s. Full day recap to come later since the post is already long enough. Although I am sure you can imagine, my new peanut butter will be making an appearance. Have a great Sunday everyone!



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