Toe trouble.

Back in January when I was moving apartments, I dropped a sofa chair strait onto my two big toes. It hurt like no other. The swelled and looked like they might fall off completely, but a few months later the toe nails (only) fell off of my right foot and half on my left foot. (Yes, gross but whatever I know you can all handle it!) Well fast forward to yesterday. My toe nails have been slowly growing back in, but I could tell they weren’t growing the way the should be. Since I started running more, my toe nail and the area next to it kept bothering me a little more and more, until yesterday when it ached, throbbed, made it hard to sleep you name it. I told myself if it still hurt in the morning I’d go to the doctors.

Well hurt it still did so after breakfast, a quick email to my boss and throwing dinner in the crock pot (more on that later) I headed down the road to urgent care. One look at my foot and the nurse knew a procedure needed to happen for my in-grown, infected toe. Gross.

Cute, I know.

I waited a little freaked out in the procedure room for the doctor. She came in, took my look at my toe (not that you can really see from the picture above) and sent me packing to a podiatrist.

I arrived at my appointment an hour later expecting the worst. Pain, agony, you name it. I was freaked out, and I wanted my mom I am not going to lie.The doctor again came in, took one look at my toe and told me it was too infected to do the procedure today. He gave me a prescription, told me to soak in Epsom salt, and said come back Thursday for the snip snip procedure. All of this anxiety, just to have more anxiety till Thursday! Oh well, at least it will feel better soon. I’m not allowed to run until after the procedure (how long I am not sure, he said he would see after its done,) but I can bike and go on short walks.

I am a bit frustrated, because I was really just getting into my groove. Not only that, but with my procrastination, I was already pushing this half marathon training and now with this I just don’t know if I am going to be ready in time. I am really beginning to love running and the feeling it gives me after even a few miles, so I know a half is something I want to do, I just don’t know if the one on the 4th of September is my race. Maybe it’s a sign that I should start with a 5K or a 10K before making such a bold commitment. There are a  lot of thoughts going through my head as I am sure you can see. I’ll figure it out. But one thing I do know is that I am not going to let my toe trouble, get in the way of my commitment to running and my health. I feel so positive in general about how I am doing, and there is no looking back.

Last week alone I did a total of 15 miles (walk/run combo) which I cannot say the last time I’ve done that. So this week, I will bike and walk, and get back on the horse so to speak as soon as I am cleared by my doc. Gotta keep it positive, or else what’s there to live for?! 😀

After my doctors appointments I decided to head into work for a half day since I am definitely taking off Thursday and maybe Friday as well (depending if I can operate a moving vehicle with my toe!) I had prepacked a lunch, and thank goodness for that, because I was starving when I got to work.

One bite was needed!

In a bit later after playing email catch up I had a snack too of an apple and a not so great Kashi bar.

I headed out of work later than normal just before 6:00pm. By the time I stopped at CVS to get my Epsom salt and prescription, I was so happy that I had take the 10 minutes this morning to throw dinner in the crock pot.

I can’t remember who’s blog I saw it on (sorry!) but I saw a recipe recently for buffalo chicken sandwiches. Basically, you just throw some chicken and some buffalo sauce in the crock pot, let it sit all day on low, and voila, add a veggie, a sandwich thin, and you got dinner in a snap.

Have you seen it?

I’m off to have the last few spoonfuls of my churned PB ice cream and am going to call it a night. I’m hoping to finish the documentary I am watching, Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. So far so good. Have you seen it?

Hope you all had a less painful Monday then me! I definitely had case of the Mondays 😉


9 thoughts on “Toe trouble.

  1. awwww girl : ( I feel pain for you reading this, i am so sorry you had to go through this, ughhh I hate pain and I hate needles, my heart feels for ya, at least you are getting it taken care of , and soon you will be better, dont stress!!!

  2. Sorry about your toe…I hope it gets better soon! I watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead last night…I am kind of tempted to try the juice fast but I worry that I would end up murdering someone. I love me some food…

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  4. Ouchies!! Well, I’m glad you got to the doctor/got the surgery eventually!!

    As someone who just recently got their wisdom teeth out (and groggily demanded that the nurse take pictures of me for my blog post about the experience) I love that you have doctors office pics too! Too funny.

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