Today started out like any other day. I woke up, had breakfast (two waffles, two peanut butters, one banana) and an iced coffee. Snack of a handful of almonds and a bit of dried fruit. Lunch of a grilled chicken salad, (which I didn’t get to snap a picture of because I was so rushed to eat it!)


mid-morning snack

I rushed through lunch and ran off to a meeting in DC (I work just outside of the city.) By the time I ‘met,’ and returned to the office in the torrential down poor of rain, it was almost time to go. I rushed to finish up a few things that I needed to get down since I am not going into the office for the next two days (toe nail surgery tomorrow!) and was starving by the time I walked in my front door at 6:00pm.

I looked in my fridge and decent to make a burrito from my taco salad leftovers from Sunday: ground turkey, beans, whole wheat tortilla, olives, lettuce, avacdo and a little Cholula. I cut open the avocado I had and it was looking a little funky but I figured it’d be fine mixed in. Wrong. The whole burrito was ruined. I ate about 3 or 4 bites, tried to eat around the avocado and pull it out and finally called it a fail. (Not pictures, do not need to remember!)

I poured a small bowl of TJ’s Maple & Brown Sugar Shredded wheat with a little milk because I was so flustered and unsatisfied. I also might have had a few bites of Neopolian ice cream right out of the carton. 😯

wrong way!

I am pretty sure my flustered “dinner” choices are a direct result of my toe procedure tomorrow. I know it’s not that big of a deal, but I just don’t want to do it it just doesn’t sound like it will be that pleasant. Deep breaths, Jane, deep breaths! 😉 Plus, in the grand scheme of things, my dinner choices could have been much worse! Let’s be honest, I could have eaten that whole thing of Edy’s! (Yes, it’s that good!)

Tonight after I digest my meal(s), since I still can’t run until hopefully next week, I am going to at least do some core/strength exercises. Ab work, push-ups (on my knees) and whatever else I can think of to do just to get a little of the fluster out!

I hate being Debbie Downer! So please bear with me. Back to regularly scheduled program very soon! My toe procedure happens tomorrow at 10:45am, so if you don’t hear from me before you will hear from me after! Wish me luck!


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