Couch Potato.

Well, I survived toe surgery! And now I feel like I was being a bit dramatic because it really wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. It never is, is it? I was pretty nervous this morning when I woke up, and even more nervous when I got to the doctor’s office.

I walked right into my appointment and the doctor started by numbing my toe. He sprayed “Cold Spray” on my toe and then numbed the area with a local anesthetic. This part definitely hurt the worse. He pricked the needle in there a few times and I am pretty sure he went pretty deep because it freaking hurt! Can I be real here? Feeling the liquid going in is always the worse part. Okay enough about that. Moving on.

After I numb up for a while, he dug in. I did not watch. But it only took about 5 minutes before he was done. I felt some pressure and a few big pinches, but overall it was not that bad. He didn’t have to burn the root of my nail because I am a first offender, but if it happens again, I will have to have that done. Cross your toes fingers for me! Plus he gave me a pink bandage which definitely helped.

The bad news. I am not allowed to run for 2 weeks, which I am totally bummed about. After a few days though I can walk, do some yoga, weights, etc. I can’t wear closed toed shoes though for a few days and no heels (which is the best news of all!) An excuse to wear flats out? I’ll take it!

I’m home now being a couch potato watching Netflix on my Wii and blogging (clearly.) The anesthetic is wearing off and its becoming a bit sore so I am about to pop some Advil. I really don’t like pain pills, so I didn’t ask for any. The doc thought I’d be good. We shall see.

I started my day before the surgery with my new favorite breakfast (mostly because of the peanut butter.)

Two whole wheat waffles with white chocolate peanut butter and banana, plus an iced coffee with milk. Yum.

Breakfast was nice and filling and it held me over until lunch when I got home from the doctor’s office. For lunch I decided to go with something quick and simple since I wanted to stand up as little as possible.

Sandwich thin, hummus, fat free feta, turkey, cucumber, spinach and onion, with an apple on the side.

Okay I’m off to find a snack and be more of a couch potato. I’ll be back later. Not much else to do but blog and eat (well!)

Thanks for all the positive thoughts yesterday! I really appreciated it!


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