Pizza Night.

My view for the day has been pretty much the same.

My computer, my couch, my pink toe, and my TV.

I’ve already watched almost two seasons of Samantha Who? on Netflix, I’ve taken way too many picture of my food today. But overall, I can’t complain. I never get to sit on my couch and do nothing on a Thursday. I even got to watch Regis & Kelly this morning, which used to be my guilty pleasure when I was actually home at 9am everyday. Oh those were the good old days. So old in fact that I don’t really recall when that was!

Sitting on the couch only makes me one thing though however besides slightly bored. Hungry. Being hungry and being a gimp are two things that do not go together. For a snack this afternoon I needed something quick so I whipped up a quick quesadilla.

Whole wheat tortilla + low fat Mexican cheese = 180 calorie cheesy delight. Perfect, quick afternoon snack.

Several hours later and twenty a few TV episodes later, my stomach was grumbling for dinner. Making something seemed totally out of the question, so I decided that toe surgery meant a little treat for dinner from Lost Dog Cafe, my favorite pizza place in Arlington. I ended up ordering the Rin Tin Tin Pie and a Garden Salad with Lemon Herb Dressing.

Marinara, sliced portabella mushrooms, spinach, red onions, red peppers topped with fresh mozzarella and basil on a whole wheat pizza crust. So good. I love when places offer whole wheat crust. I like it so much more than regular.

Lots of leftovers too, so lunch is all set for tomorrow which I think is a good thing since my toe is achy and the couch might be my hang out place for a little while longer. And on that note, more Samantha Who for me. Good night!


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