I’ve been laid up pretty much all day. It was quite difficult sleeping last night because my toe hurt so badly. I even took a sleeping pill and it was hard to sleep, so today I have taken it really easy in hopes that tonight will be better. Cross your fingers for me.

Today’s eats have been repeats. Yesterday’s breakfast for breakfast, yesterday’s dinner for lunch, and a few small snacks here and there to make sure my stomach doesn’t get upset from all the Advil I am taking. (I have a pretty sensitive stomach when it comes to taking pills.)

I was so grateful today that I have had such a great distraction via this new, blogging community I have joined. I’m still new to it and I am still learning the ropes so to speak, but readying through people’s posts and seeing what they have overcome always puts a smile on my face.

I decided today to do a little upgrade and drop the ‘wordpress’ from my blog URL. So if you have subscribed in a reader make sure to update it, although I think that this blog is still linked to both since I did it all through WordPress. I am not that fancy yet, as you can probably imagine!

Off the top of your heads, is there anything else I need to do? Any suggestions are totally welcome 🙂

I also took away the bright colors. There were a bit bright for me. Something plain and simple now, but I have ideas for the future, if I can ever walk again 😉

Definitely staying in for the night, but tomorrow I have big plans to see Harry Potter (yes, I love it, do not judge!) Did I mention I am seeing it in 3D? I am that girl, and I don’t care! I don’t dress up though. But I do love seeing other’s costumes. Very fun!

Wish me luck that I sleep better tonight! Wishing everyone a Happy Friday!



2 thoughts on “Upgrades.

  1. Good luck sleeping better tonight! I’m sorry about your toe– pain while trying to sleep is the worst 😦

    I’ve woken up the past 2 nights at 2:00 AM, then 3:00 AM, then 4:00 AM, and FINALLY at 5:00 AM I give up and just go make breakfast! I feel your painnnn 😦

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