Keeping the Ladies in Check.

Lunch at Whole Foods today was super delicious. Not only did I get an amazing salad, I picked up more blueberries, some mangos, some Lara + Luna Bars, and some Port Salute cheese. (You know I love me some cheese – special weekend treat coming up!)

I always feel like a little kid in a candy store while at the WF salad bar. So many toppings and yummy things to choose from, but all healthy and delicious! I meant to snap a photo of the bar, but I was just too excited. In fact, pictures today were just not good. I should work on this.

I went for a Mediterranean feel for my salad today: greens, garbanzos, whole wheat tabbouleh, chicken, red onions, artichokes, cucumber, carrots, olives, feta (of course,) a little Greek coleslaw, and some strawberries for a touch of sweet. All topped with balsamic and a little Mediterranean olive oil style dressing. I ate every bite with pure, WF loving joy.

A little later in the afternoon, one of my co-workers received an Edible Arrangement for her birthday, so she was kind enough to spread the love.

I had just a little – piece of pineapple, a few grapes, and two strawberries (one covered in dark chocolate.) A perfect afternoon snack after a big old salad for lunch!

I had to work a little later tonight than normal and my roommate was kind enough to make some dinner for us, fresh off the stove in fact when I walked through the door. While I would have included something green in the dish, the pork chops with apple slices and cous cous on the side was pretty good, even better since I didn’t have to cook!

I know, I know the picture is insanely bad. 

A little after dinner I had a small serving of my (current) favorite churned ice cream, more Neapolitan, which Bella, my roommate’s cat was pretty interested in too. I wasn’t sharing though. 😛

"I wanted that you know."

I decided my scheduled walk could wait until tomorrow because my toe has been a bit sore today. I guess Tuesday was my rest day this week, since I didn’t schedule one in. Rest is good! Especially when one’s toe needs to heal well and, hopefully, fast! It seems to be doing pretty good overall, but I can’t over do it, or I feel it. Strength training today was enough, she says! And I listened 🙂 (Yes, I did just say my toe spoke, what’s it to you?)

Now on to an important topic. My ladies. Yes, you read that correctly because I’d like to take the time to talk to you about over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders, or sports bras. Now, let’s just say I do not have small boobs. They aren’t huge by any means, but they definitely need some good support when I run. Sports bras that provide actual support are expensive, if you weren’t aware! My favorite is a Lululemon one that I believe cost me around $48.  While I love it, I just cannot spend $50 for 7 bras at once. Because realistically, this is the only bra that keeps my ladies tamed!

I decided to order three new sports bras from See Jane Run that were on sale and an awesome deal at that, each coming out to around $20 each after I found a pretty awesome coupon on the interwebz. (Side note: search for coupon codes for every online purchase you make! There is always something!)

 I ended up getting one by Adidas and two by Moving Comfort.

(Here, here + here.)

Hopefully these work out well, keep my ladies in check, and continue to stay on sale so I can buy more of the one I like best! 😀 I have high hopes and they had good reviews, so cross your tatas fingers for me ladies!

What over the shoulder boulder holder sports bra do you find work best for you?


7 thoughts on “Keeping the Ladies in Check.

  1. I too am a huge fan of Lululemon sports bras and I love the Power-Y style! Sometimes they have “last season’s” colors on sale for around $19 and I scoop them up! Otherwise, Target’s Champion brand has some great ones with skinny straps. I don’t have much to work with… so really any style/brand works! 🙂

  2. I love eating at Whole Foods! Except I usually get a liiiiiitle carried away and end up spending an arm and a leg on my meal. Whoops 😛

    My sports bras are simple Target purchases 🙂 Nothing special, but they work for me so I stick with them!

  3. You got Moving Comfort 🙂 I think you’ll be pleased! If they workout for you, check out amazon and the They have some good deals there as well, but what you paid is awesome already! I need to get to Whole Foods more often! It’s a bit out of the way for me, but I miss their salad bar.

  4. Oh my God your cat is adorable!!!!! And your food looks amazing. I thought there was some dark chocolate on that strawberry! 🙂 I also LOVE Lulu’s sports bras. They no longer make my favourite one, I am so devastated! I don’t mind Nike bras, but I need more coverage (which sounds insane since I am teeny in the boob area). Let me know how the others pan out, I need a couple more myself!

    • Bella is pretty cute! She is my roomie’s but she loves me (most of the time) all the same! I’ll let you know how new sports bras turn out!

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