Hot Cakes.

If you haven’t heard, its HOT right now on the East Coast. And I mean hot! So hot that when I walk outside, I literally feel like I must be on vacation because there is no way I’d be any where but a beach with weather like this. Needless to say, I get a little bit sad when I realize that I’m heading to work instead of towards a beach chair. Luckily I have just a little over two weeks before I am actually on vacation on Cape Cod so hopefully I can make it 😉

That's the actual temperature for the record, the 'how it feels' temp is 10 degrees hotter!

Heat and then a bunch of rain. And people wonder why I want to get back to the West Coast? 8)

Hopefully it will cool off enough later for me to take a nice long walk outside, because let me tell you all, I am sore from Day freaking 1 of NROLFW! At least I know its working, right?! I think a long walk will help stretch the legs (thighs, butt, etc.) If not, I’ll hop on the treadmill, but that is always a bit more boring, especially when you are just walking.

Breakfast this morning was two waffles, two PB’s, banana + some chia seeds. I really love those seeds, and I really do feel like they help keep me more hydrated and fueled throughout the day.

My office ended up doing a big lunch today for July birthdays and also for an employee that is being transferred to a different location. There was lots of food, mostly not the healthiest food, so I stuck with a piece of baked chicken and sauteed vegetables on the side, including zucchini, mushrooms, cabbage + onions. I forgot to snap a photo, (a big gathering with executives will do that to me you,) but I didn’t forget to snap a picture of my dessert. I tried to eat as healthy as possible so I could have a small slice of birthday cake, carrot cake to be exact. There were several options, but carrot cake is one of my favorites.

The frosting was WAY too sweet, so I ended up just eating the cake itself. It was pretty good, with big carrots and raisins mixed in. Definitely worth the splurge! :mrgreen:

Now I am sitting at my desk trying not to fall asleep. I guess my break is over and I should get back to work! It’s almost Friday! Woohoo!

What’s your favorite type of cake?


3 thoughts on “Hot Cakes.

  1. Good tactic for balancing a catered office lunch. Usually, I try to ask myself what’s the one splurge that will be the most worth it and what else can I pass on and be okay about? I’m with you – the cake would be have won!

    My favorite type of cake is…funfetti. I’m a kid at heart 🙂

  2. i’m on the east coast too and agree with you 100%! It is mucho caliente! Just so you know, we had matching breakfasts this morning! Who’s too cool for school now? 😀

    My favorite type of cake is definitely ice cream cake with the crunch layer in the middle. I used to LIVE on that stuff during my youth.
    Okay who are we kidding. I could live on that stuff now 8)

  3. SF is finally hot! Well… like 70’s, but I’ll take it! I would loooove some real heat!

    Hands down red-velvet cake with cream cheese frosting! When you move to SF you have to try this place I frequent multiple times a week! (They have minis and are TO DIE for!)

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