Yesterday after work I headed to Happy Hour with a couple coworkers at a local bar near my work. I was planning on having a drink or two and heading home, but after a couple of beers and a growling stomach, I was convinced to go dinner at Trattoria Alberto in Barrack’s Row in DC with my friend Sean.

Magic Hat No 9, don't mind if I do.

I have been to Trattoria Alberto once before, and it was delicious so I was excited to go ago. The restaurant has been around for 25 years and is a hidden gem in my opinion. There are hundreds of Italian restaurants in this area, but this one is 100% Italian deliciousness.

We started with a bottle of Chianti. Even though its been super hot here in DC, Italian food is just better with a nice bottle of red.

The wine was perfect. A little dry, but a little sweet. Perfect for an Italian evening. For an appetizer, we decided to order an Antipasto Salad for Two. My picture turned out blurry, but it was huge! Romaine lettuce topped with meets, cheeses and sardines with a tasty, garlicky, olive oil based dressing on the side. I made myself a small plate and then picked a little at it more while I waited for my entree to come.

Sean got a veal dish, but I decided to go with the Seafood Pasta special. Again, it was huge.

A little linguine topped with mussels, scallops, calamari, shrimp and lobster in a white wine sauce. Holy delizioso! It was amazing. I probably ate about a third of it, and sent the rest home with Sean but my oh my was it good.

Want to know something crazy? I had never had lobster before. For a very long time, I thought I was allergic to it, but I recently found out that I am not, so this was my first taste. I was planning on waiting until I go to Cape Cod in a few weeks for vacation, but when the Seafood Pasta showed up in front of me, I knew right then and there was the perfect time to try (I had no idea it would be in the dish!)

We both agreed that we might as well go all out and share a little dessert, so we ordered the tiramisu. Also excellant.

I had a small cappuccino on the side, (have I mentioned my love for foam yet?) and was basically in a state of pure food bliss. My meal was definitely a splurge, but it was definitely worth it. It’s all about balance, right? Well, this girl loves food, so once in a while, expect to see a decadent meal on here, because let me tell you, they are worth it.

Our waiter sent over a limoncello aperitif that I had a single sip of. It was quite strong! But fun nonetheless.

Overall, it was an awesome meal and a great experience… although I did have a smell headache this morning. Happy Saturday!


6 thoughts on “Delizioso.

  1. You are my kind of girl! I totally go for reds, even in the hottest weather, if they pair better with my food! I’m going to be stalking your blog now for ideas of where to eat when I’m in DC–I have to be there once a week for the foreseeable future so I need lots of ideas.

    Hope you aren’t melting up there! It was hella-hot this week!

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