Heat 1, Jane 0.

Yesterday I woke up craving an egg sandwich. I rarely crave eggs, unless I’ve had countless adult beverages the night before, so when I saw my eggs were expired I headed to Subway, and purchased an egg white, cheese + veggies breakfast sandwich to satisfy my craving and get rid of my hangover.

Egg white, cheese, onions, lettuce, cucumbers + peppers on whole wheat.

A little while later I was feeling good as new, and decided to head out the door on a 5 mile walk. I knew it was suppose to be hot, but I figured it was still early and that I’d be fine. I thought for a second about bringing a water bottle but decided against it (<— this was stupid.)

For the first half of the walk I was feeling fine. I was mostly in the shade and doing good. I hit the 2.5 mile mark and began my loop back, and I realized how thirsty I was. As I kept walking, and as the sun kept getting hotter and hotter, I became thirstier and thirstier. By the time I got home I felt like I was dying. I chugged water, took a cold shower, and laid down on the couch. My stomach ached, my head hurt, I just was a big ol’ mess.

I decided to make a protein smoothie in hopes this would somehow help. I kept it simple adding milk, blueberries, chocolate protein powder, half a banana and chia seeds to the mix, with a little Kashi Go Lean Crunch sprinkled on top.

It tasted delicious, but it really did nothing for my fatigue. The sun had won. I had big plans with my pool, but more sun was the last thing I wanted. I decided to just take it easy, hydrate, and see how I felt in a little bit.

A little bit came and went, and I thought maybe a little more food was what I needed. I made a quick + easy Dark PB, banana, and strawberry wrap hoping the protein, sugar, carb combo would give me a little pick me up.

I started to feel slightly better, and since my roommate was driving, headed to the mall because I needed to make a quick return. Walking outside reminded me about how much I was hating on the sun. Luckily the trip was quicker than my walk and I was back home on the couch.

I started feeling better around dinner so I headed out to grab some food. There was no way I was turning on my oven or even attempting to cook. A new restaurant recently opened near me that I have been wanting to try, sâuçá. Sâuçá has had fancy food trucks in the DC area for a while now and recently opened up a small restaurant. Both the food trucks and the restaurant offer delicious, healthy, global foods, or so I heard, so I was excited to check it out.

 After perusing the menu, I decided to get the Mexicali Fish Taco. The taco was on flat bread, and layered with mango pico de gallo, cabbage, black beans, cilantro-marinated tilapia and Hot Chili sauce. I also ordered a side salad with a lime vinaigrette on the side.

While I waited, I noticed a magazine and a big picture of the man who had just taken my order! It was the owner, Farhad Assari.

Farhad with one of the Sâuçámobiles.


Farhad noticed me reading the magazine so he came over and chatted with me a little bit. What a nice man. He is quite the entrepreneur, loves delicious, healthy food and was a genuinely friendly person. He recently decided to franchise his company, so the article in Entrepreneur Magazine that I was reading couldn’t have come out at a better time.

My food was ready so I took it home to test out if what this guy had been saying. He was so nice, so I was hoping his food was equally as tasty.

It sure was. The flavors were delicious, the fish was perfectly tender, and the sauce, well it was amazing. Spicy yet flavorful. I will no doubt go back again. The salad was quite good too. I had never had a lime vinaigrette before, and it was so good. Tangy and tasty. The meal was awesome, and I was finally feeling better! I ended my night with the last few bites of Neapolitan from the carton and watched some Netflix.

What did I learn today? Sâuçá is delicious. Henri Bendel is coming to Arlington (!!!,) and do not go up against the heat because the heat will win (no I am not talking basketball here, people.)

I am off to the gym to finally complete my second NROLFW workout. I swear some greater power is trying to keep me from doing this, but it will not win! The book says to do it 2-3 times a week, so I guess this week was 2. Have a good Sunday!


3 thoughts on “Heat 1, Jane 0.

  1. Cute blog!
    Subway is the perfect hangover food 🙂
    When I’m having a rough morning, I usually make myself an egg scramble (with yolks – I feel like I need a solid meal after a crazy night), and toast with smart balance. It totally works wonders. 😀

  2. Girl, I love those egg white sandwiches from Subway…except I load mine up with TONS of veggies, etc. They always look at me funny.

    I want to try Sauca! I am from Arlington, so I’ll try it next time I’m home.

    • The lady at Subway was being so stingy with the veggies! I asked for more and she looked at me like I was a crazy person. Clearly, not going back to that particular Subway again! And yes, definitely try Sauca! So good!

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