Jinx. You owe me a cocktail.

I said this today, and then I totally jinxed myself.

I am pretty sure as soon as I said that, boom, work got crazy! On a Friday afternoon. Why, oh why? The good news is, its still Friday. It’s still the weekend. And my new favorite thing to do is leave my work at the door and focus on relaxing and having fun!

Yesterday was fun too. I woke up and had a fun, new breakfast combo. Cottage cheese, crumbled low-fat muffin (that the roomie had baked) and fruit! It was so good I had it today too.

Thursday's Breakfast

Today's Breakfast

Banana’s today, strawberries yesterday. All so good. It was like breakfast cake. No complaints there.

Lunch yesterday and today were both really good as well. I need to stop going out to lunch and bring my food more, but yesterday I at least got lunch on a co-worker.

Thursday's Lunch: Vietnamese Vermicelli Bowl with Summer rolls instead of Spring rolls.

Friday's Lunch: Half a Tuna Garden Salad Wrap plus a small bag of BBQ Pop Chips (not pictured.)

I got home from work and headed strait to the gym to do another NROLFW session. They are short workouts but I was in a rush because I was suppose to go out for my friend’s birthday. She had also had to move that day, so she ended up just wanting to stay in. Since the roommate and I had planned on going out for this, we ended up just going and getting dinner and a cocktail before heading to her new apartment.

We ended up going to Circa in Clarendon. I had been there once before for appetizers and drinks only so I was excited to try some more of their food because the apps were delicious.

I started with a Watermelon Cooler (crushed watermelon, rum and lime) and my roomie got a Pomegranate Martini. My drink was the hand’s down winner. It may have been the best cocktail I have ever had. And I do not say that from lack of experience.

If you live in the DMV area you must go try this cocktail. So good and refreshing. For dinner I ordered a Salmon Spinach salad, which was great too. The salmon was perfectly cooked. Overcooked salmon is such a faux pas.

Salmon, spinach, goat cheese, cranberries, red onions + balsamic.

After dinner we were walking back to the car and a new cupcakery was passing out freebies. Yes, free cupcakes! We told the clerk it was our friends birthday and we were able to get 4 for free which we brought back to the birthday girl’s apartment.

Yes, that is my lap, don't judge.

We said happy birthday and enjoyed our cupcakes with a glass of champagne. Sometimes simple birthday celebrations are the best in my book.

I am now sitting drinking a Magic Hat Vinyl Lager that has been in my refrigerator since February (classy) and eating some Amy’s Pizza. I feel like I have drank more than I normally do this week, but I guess it’s just that kind of week.

Amy's Pesto pizza + leftover chicken + mushrooms on top.

I am off to yet another birthday party, this time for a coworker, so I will be back tomorrow. Happy weekend!!


2 thoughts on “Jinx. You owe me a cocktail.

  1. Salmon salads are my staple meal at any restaurant I visit! Regardless of what else that have on the menu– if there is a salmon salad then I’m sold 😉

    Have a great weekend!

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