7 Links.

After reading blogger’s seven links all over blog land (and loving the posts!), I am excited to have been tagged myself by the awesome Melissa from Hungry, Healthy, Happy! Since my blog is on the newer side, some of these categories were tough, but I made it work. I guess, if nothing else, this will be a nice recap of my first (almost) 2 months of blogging. Let’s begin, shall we?

Most Beautiful

I’d have to say that for me, this has to be Take Me to My City Bay the Bay.

It’s taken me a long time to realize a lot of the things about my happiness, where I want to be in life, and what I want in life, and the feedback and support I received from it, really meant so much to me.

Most Popular

According to my WordPress Stats, my most popular post to date is my Overnights OIAJ post. I was so excited to try this dish out, and I guess you were all excited for me!

Most Controversial

I don’t think I have had that controversial of a post, but my post on Finding a Healthy, Happy Balance, where I realized that perhaps I was a tad over zealous in my training schedule and plan. Slow and steady is definitely what is going to win this girl’s race, and as soon as I get more comfortable with running and finding that balance, then I will start stating solid goals that I want to achieve.

Until then, its about changing my life one day at a time through one healthy choice after another.

Most Helpful

I’m going to go with Keeping the Ladies in Check. For us gals with larger chests, its so important to find sports bras that support your needs!

So far I have tried two of the three. (Still waiting for one to ship :() The Adias one, not so great. Will have to use it for Yoga or light exercise. The Moving Comfort one (above) is awesome. I will definitely be ordering more!

Surprise Success

I was happy to see all the responses in Hungry, Hungry Hippo that said you guys snack before bed sometimes too if needed! Some days I am just hungrier than others, and I need to start listening to my body and feeding it well!

Not Enough Attention

I thought my post, How do you say Activia in Arabic was pretty fun. I love seeing different foods in different languages. I suppose I am a nerd that way.

Most Proud

I am going to go with my very first post, Let’s Chew this Over. I had been wanting to really focus on finding a healthy, happy balance in my life, and this blog was such a great step towards that. I am so happy I began blogging and look forward to reading your blogs every day!

I am going to tag the following bloggers that I love and that I think  have not completed this yet!

Jane’s Addictions

Neon Blonde Runner

Exercise for Fries


Cait’s Plate

I’ll be back later with my daily food and thoughts!








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