1. Sometimes a day is too hectic to take pictures of your food, and you just need to eat.

2. And sometimes you need to eat Chipotle. Even if its a salad.

3. Sometimes a Vitatop takes longer than 18 seconds to warm up in the microwave.

4. And sometimes you need to drink a glass or two of wine.

5. Sometimes your roommate must force you to pluck your eyebrows.

6. And sometimes that’s for the best (the brows were like a jungle.)

(This would be the roommate.)

7. Sometimes you need to just vent (and subsequently your whole office knows how angry you are, and sometimes you. just. don’t. care.)

8. Sometimes you get good phone calls that you don’t want to jinx.

9. And sometimes you need to ask for good juju to be sent your way. (Please?)

10. Anddd sometimes you are really just too tired to write a post.

(This was pretty bad. But I’ll be back tomorrow. Bright eyed & bushy tailed. Promise.)


4 thoughts on “Sometimes.

  1. I found it amusing! I love simple posts like this from time to time. 😉

    And I always have to be scolded into grooming my brows too. I hate plucking!!! But I’m too cheap to go and pay for a regular wax. Hence the jungle brows you speak of. I relate all too well.

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