Putting it out there.

I don’t think I have mentioned this before, but long story short, I went through a very hard break-up at the end of last year. Dating for over three years, lived together, the works. But the relationship did not work out, and I was in a not-so-great place for quite a few months. I set big goals for myself, immediately after the break-up, including the goal of running a half and making over my life to be healthier and happier. But I was just not mentally in a state to tackle these goals yet. I needed time to heal, and I needed to do it in my own time.

I started this blog as part of my journey to find a healthier, happier balance when it came to eating, fitness and my overall lifestyle. Me starting this blog was a breaking point for me. I was finally feeling ready to actually accomplish the goals I had wanted to begin to tackle, but had not yet had the energy (mentally) to do so, which brings me to now.

While I am not significantly overweight, I definitely need to find my happy weight, (which to me means loosing some weight,) which I want to do in a healthy way. How much weight? That I don’t know, exactly, because it will be my feel good weight, and I do believe my body and myself will just know when that happens. I want to adopt a lifestyle that allows me to make good eating choices, or habits if you will, at ease, and to develop a love for running, as well as other fitness activities.

I really believe that I have begun to makeover my eating habits. I consciously think of the choices I am making and, while I do splurge at times, (I don’t like to think of it as cheating…,) I really have changed the way I eat.

I have incorporated fitness into my schedule, and usually end up getting in activity of some sort, whether it be cardio or strength, at least four to five times, if not more, a week. And let me tell you, before I started this blog, I was lucky to get one day of some sort of fitness in each week.

I have had setbacks, I know that. With my toe surgery, I had to stop running for over two weeks, and limit my movement overall. This pretty much made it impossible for me to even attempt to run the half marathon I had registered for back in January (which is scheduled one month from today,) because I did not begin training soon enough, and I made a goal for myself that really should have been done in steps (5k, 10k, etc,) and most importantly decided in a better frame of mind.

Even with my toe setback though, I really have began to develop a love for running, for making fitness a part of my weekly routine. I still would love to run a half, I just know that I have to run my race, and that half is not the half for me. I know that I will not be prepared, that I will not be able to finish and that I very well could hurt myself. Something that I do not want to happen. I will run a half. It just won’t be in one month. I mean hell, a 5k in one month’s time, now that would be a better goal.

Where does all of this lead to? While I have had setbacks, I have made changes. Significant changes even, but with these changes, I really don’t feel like my body has changed much. My stomach does feel somewhat smaller, and I do feel healthier, but the scale hasn’t moved, and, if I am being honest here, I really want it to.

While I am eating healthy, perhaps, I need eat differently during this stage where I want to lose weight rather than maintain weight. And while I am running, I need to have better, stronger plans that I can work towards.

I guess what I am saying is, I need to create new goals for myself. Goals that are realistic and that have a timeline that is achievable. Training for a half in 10 weeks, when you haven’t even run a mile in months years – not realistic. Am I right?

I need some advice, and I’ve decided the best way to ask for it, is to write it down, and see what advice I get back. 

What advice do you all have for me? For me to find my happy weight, and to continue my running with realistic goals.

For running, I am thinking a 5k in about 6 weeks. Does that sound like a good goal? For eating, what do I need to do? What advice have you used in the past to be healthy while finding that happy weight?

This was clearly long and long-winded, but I needed to put it out there. Hopefully you guys will have some words of wisdom for me! Thanks for reading if you got this far. I have loved joining this blogging community, and I really do love this journey I am on.


14 thoughts on “Putting it out there.

  1. I just read this and I don’t think there is ANY shame in not running the half – you need to listen to your body and what you’re ready for. I would hate for you to run the half and be miserable or even worse, get hurt and have it ruin running for you. Start with the 5K, make your way to a 10K and then train for a half… mayyyybe even in San Francisco! 🙂

    To stay at my “happy weight” I follow an 80/20 “plan” – 80% of the time I eat clean, balanced and healthy and about 20% of the time I indulge… I don’t believe in deprivation when it comes to eating so I think some dark chocolate after every meal is just fine! 😉

    You’ll get there… it seems you’re already on your way!

  2. If you feel like you want to do a half– do a half! But if you’re going to crunch the training into 10 weeks make sure you listen to your body. That means ANY sign of over training or pain, STOP.

    I am confident that you can achieve this goal, girl 🙂 I did something very similar 2 years ago with the Disney Princess Half Marathon and ended up doing a full marathon the following October! That was coming from someone who hadn’t ever run a day in her life.

    Dont doubt yourself & aim high. You have the determination to make it very far 🙂

  3. I tend to do many of the same things, set unrealistic goals, which got me to where I am right now…sitting on the couch icing my foot. Sometimes I think our minds think that are body can more then they actually can. I think 6 weeks is enough time for a 5k. I have read that it is important to run a few 5ks and 10ks before even launching into a half marathon program. I also read that you should have a base of 15-20 miles too, but that can change depending on the person. The thing I love about running is there is always room for improvement as well as gaining endurance. Everyone runs at their pace with their goal in mind. You will get there someday, running a half or even a hole, but just remember to take the time to train correctly and be wise, else you will be on the sidelines injured more then running. I have had to learn this the hard way 🙂

  4. Absolutely does what feels right to you. If it makes you feel better, aim to have a certain amount of miles on the day of the half marathon (ie: I won’t run the half, but on that day I’ll run 5 miles) or whatever point you’re at. Basically, make that day a challenge, but not do something stupid 🙂
    I’d make a suggestion as far as eating habits, but to be quite frank this thick lil’ lady is in NO position to be giving advice on this subject 🙂
    Good luck!

  5. Hello, sweet friend.
    Thank you for sharing your heart and story with us!

    As for healthy eating – I recently did a “healthy makeover” back in January 2010. I did NOT go on a diet…instead, I made a lifestyle change. For me, that was cutting red meat out of my diet and eating vegetarian about 95% of the time (I stay away from red meat still, but chicken/turkey/bacon are my meat choices when I do eat it).

    I’m a snacker. I literally have to eat every 2 hours. So for me, this means I snack on nuts in the morning for a snack, and either fruit or vegetables in the afternoon. Healthy snacks allow me to eat when I want to but also provide great nutrients and vitamins. I leave my sweet treats for night – and I have a sweet treat EVERY night. I do not deprive myself of something if I crave it – I honor the craving, enjoy it and move on!

    Have faith in yourself and in the decisions you make!!

  6. first of all, you are awesome. this stuff, like fitness and body image and life balance, is SO HARD sometimes!! and by sometimes i mean all of the time. I’ve gone through a ton of similar stuff so I absolutely feel you. I can definitely support you through this and I need some motivation as well. You are awesome and everything is going to work out. Being honest and forgiving with yourself is the most important!

  7. Thank you all so much! It’s so nice to know that I am not the only one out there that has days like today. So glad I starting blogging, and so happy to have met you all!

  8. I may be echoing some previous comments here:
    1. Know yourself. Body AND mind. Do only what you truly want to do and feel that your body and mind will support.
    2. Eat. Enjoy what you eat. I did exactly what Courtney said. Was vegetarian for a while, then decided to eat chicken and turkey. No pork, very limited red meat (b/c of severe iron deficiency – goes back to knowing your body). I snack. A LOT. Fruit and nut mix, fruit snacks, cereal. And I definitely indulge. A lot. Hahahaha.
    3. I know nothing about running. I won’t pretend. I just think it’s crazy/insane/admirable that people do it. I don’t know if I could. I cycle.
    4. The scale is tricky. It doesn’t tell you how healthy you are, how much water you drank, the weight of your bones, the weight of your muscle, how pretty you are. Don’t get caught up. The scale may not show it, but you’re probably cutting the fat and gaining muscle. Measurements are more accurate. So are pictures. Maybe you should try taking a picture every 6-8 weeks in the same type clothing. THEN you’ll see the difference.
    5. HAPPINESS is a major part of HEALTHINESS. ENJOY life. The food, the exercise, the relaxation… Every day won’t be there same. Every challenge won’t be the same. Just face it all as it comes, and do what ya can!
    6. I freaking LOVE your blog. I don’t always comment, but I enjoy the posts. And I really like that you’re okay with the broccoli AND the cheese. It’s not all black and white. And there can be some fun and deliciousness in life. 🙂

    • Thank you so much. Sometimes an outside perspective is exactly what I need – definitely in this moment! Definitely thinking about cutting meat out for a while and seeing how it makes me feel.

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  10. I’m so sorry you had to go through what you did in the past few months, but I love your optimism and your ability to take the bull by the horns and start this blog!

    For advice, it’s hard to give because each person is different, so please take mine with a grain of salt: this is what works for me.

    1. Track what you eat. Even if you don’t count calories, tracking it helps keep me in check and visualize what I am really putting in my mouth. It also helps me slow down and really think about what I’m eating. I eat out of boredom a lot, so it has pretty much eliminated that.
    2. Don’t eliminate. If I say something is off limits (meat, carbs, cheese, sweets etc.) then I want it more. I just simply make room for it in my diet now. If I know I’m going out to dinner, I have a light lunch. It all creates a balance for me and I don’t end up gaining weight if I keep it all in check.
    3. Mix up your workouts. Have you tried adding a little weight training to your running routine? When I did this, my body transformed! I started with super easy. Way back in the day, I joined a Curves gym and did hydraulic resistance training and that led me to more hardcore weight lifting. Sure, I worked out with the older ladies, but I loved them and it worked!
    4. Yes, you are ready for the 5k! Racing is fun and motivating and after that race, believe me, you will not care how much you weigh when you cross that finish line – it’s a great boost for your body image.
    5. Me time. When we try to get healthy, we often focus just on food and exercise, but that’s only part of the puzzle. Find things you enjoy to zone out a bit. I am currently lost in a great book series that I really look forward to reading each day. I practice yoga when I can and I try to escape the city life by taking hikes. Whatever floats you boat and centers you will work wonders!

    Hope this helps. I know it works for me, but it didn’t come overnight and I still struggle with body image, overeating, and obsessing with the scale from time to time, but I always know that I can follow my own advice and it will work. It took me years to figure out what my body needs to stay healthy, but it will come for you too. Hang in there!

  11. I hate to repeat what everyone else says, but in this case, so true. I was absolutely in a similar situation. Minus the breakup, but definitely with the setbacks (injuries, broken bones, etc) and the dream of reaching a “happy weight”. I think the best things for me in the journey (which is by no means complete) were: planning “rest” days so I didn’t get burned out, telling others about it (kept me accountable), tracking what I ate and how I exercised, and exercising as part of a group. For me, it was group fitness classes but I know other folks who joined running clubs etc.

    My biggest vote is just not to burn out, though, so easy to do if you don’t listen to your body and indulge every now and then.

    We’re all on team Jane!!

  12. I say ditch the scale! It’s just a number (that unfortunately has too much power over us), I’ve been in that camp for a while – watching the scale every day, trying to lose a few pounds to feel happy. It does not work. You can’t win with the scale. When I lose weight, I tend to “reward” myself with food or give myself some slack, which brings me right back. If the number goes up, I get sad and once again reach for food to make myself feel better. At the end who cares what the number is?! It’s how your body looks and how you feel that counts. If your listen to your body and not the number on the scale, and keep up with healthy eating and exercise, eventually it will reach it’s optimum weight and shape. (Which reminds me, I’ve been meaning to write a post on this :))
    You can run 5K. If you can run 2 miles, you can run 3. I think you should still do the half. You can take walking breaks, but you’d be surprised how being in a race brings out one’s athletic abilities and when you finish you’ll feel an amazing sense of accomplishment. But i do recommend you start hitting more miles over the next few weeks, just to get more comfortable with running.

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