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Hey everyone! I’m Brittany and I blog over at Ittybitsofbalance 🙂


(Don’t be distracted by the handsome hunk on my arm—I’m the one in the dress 😉 )

When Jane told me that she was going out of town for a bit and that she needed someone to write a guest post, I jumped at the opportunity! Jane’s blog was one of the first healthy living blogs that I discovered after the creation of my own and I adore her positive outlook 🙂

Like many other healthy living bloggers, it has taken me years to achieve the balance that I have today. Since kindergarten, I had always been fighting a constant battle with body image and the amount of love that I allowed into my life.

I wouldn’t date.

I wouldn’t accept compliments.

I wouldn’t take myself seriously.

I wouldn’t let myself live.


(2007—During weight struggle)

It was in the beginning of my college years that everything began to fall together. I discovered the healthy living community through Gina and Kaths‘ blogs and became a faithful reader. I was so impressed by these girls who seemed to have it all together and immediately decided that it was time to make some changes of my own.

The key to having a positive body image is to improve your image in your own eyes. In order to be loved, you need to love yourself first. There is nothing more radiating than confidence and this is something that I definitely lacked the first 18 years of my life. In this post, I’ve compiled a list of helpful tidbits to help you gain a little more self lovin’ 😉

Learn to Love Yourself

Break 0571

1. Believe in Yourself: Although extremely difficult at times (especially when nothing seems to be going your way), it is crucial to learn to believe in yourself. How can you be expected to exhibit confidence regarding the achievements you make when you don’t even believe that you can achieve them?

My advice: pick something that you would like to do, and don’t tell yourself no. For me, this was signing up for the Disney Princess Half Marathon in March of 2010. As someone who had never even run a day in her life, this was something that I had never even dreamed that I would be able to do.

I woke up, decided enough was enough, and that I was going to run.


2. Make Health a Priority- It’s a fact: we need to eat healthy and exercise in order to thrive in tip top shape. You deserve to look your best—so feed your body the best! It’s not the end of the world if you eat that brownie you’ve been craving or that post-dinner cheesecake slice—but do so in moderation. Try your best not to make anything a habit.

Also, get up and get moving! Find a type of exercise that you enjoy doing and don’t let yourself phase out from doing it. If your goal is to work out more often and you have it scheduled into your day, don’t allow laziness or lack of motivation to keep you from getting it done. Plan ahead, and make sure you get all other priorities out of the way so there aren’t any available reasons not to give your body the time it deserves. EVEN if this involves walking around the block or stretching in your room—some movement is better than none at all.



3. Don’t Seek Approval- Don’t worry about what goals others have achieved or what standards your family or friends hold you to. Do what you love and be who you are.

I’ve wasted way too much precious time caring about what others thought about me and I totally missed out on discovering what I thought of me. Obviously, there will be times when we are all held to standards by our family and friends—but don’t live by those guidelines. Don’t measure your self-worth through the validation of others.

I’m extremely guilty of this—as I lived a good chunk of my life trying to do what was “cool”, wear what was “in”, and be who I wasn’t. I ultimately was unhappy with the life I was living and used food & the mistreatment of my body as my escape route. Bad Brittany.

4. Give yourself a Break- If you do happen to have an off day or a bad experience, let it go and move on. We are all human and are all far from perfect. If something doesn’t go your way—big deal! In the grand scheme of things, tiny hardships have little-to-no value and chances are you that you wont even remember them down the road. Get over it—tomorrow is a new day 🙂


So there you have it folks. Stop on by and visit me at anytime—I love company!

(and this piglet too, but that’s another story…)pig



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