First up, 5K.

First of all I want to thank Jane for an awesome guest post yesterday! It was so nice of her to help a sister out! And what she wrote totally ties in to today’s previously scheduled post! As you are probably aware, I realized recently that I needed to reevaluate my running goals. I am a beginning runner and I need to remembered that.  I have to start small and aim big one step at a time. So my first step is going to be a 5K.

I have never run in a race before, so I know the 5K will be a great first race. I have done some research, and I’ve decided that Runner’s World‘s Beginning 5K Plan is right for me.  The program is 5 weeks, and looks like a good fit for my current level.

Now this is where the tricky part comes in. I would like to actually sign up and run a real, bona fide 5K! I know what you are thinking, that shouldn’t be too difficult, right? Wrong.

You see, as I have mentioned, I am actively seeking a new job because I have decided to move to the West Coast, San Francisco specifically. If I get a job, and they say be here in two weeks, I will make that happen.

So in order to reach my goal one of two things will happen. I will either run the SF Aloha 5k if I am on the West Coast, run the Stop Cancer 5k on the East Coast OR I will run a the Virtual Stop Cancer 5k, so that its almost as good of a thing as an actual race! 🙂 Hopefully I will know which race I am running before they fill up or the deadlines pass, for the SF one its 2 days before so hopefully its similar for the others. (Can’t find the info on the Stop Cancer 5k site.) All of these races take place September 17, 2011, which I realize is more that 5 weeks away, but I’d like to get to the ability to run the 5k and then be able to run it well, safe, and to have fun!

I am going to start posting my fitness schedule each week to include training and other activities I am doing. This will keep me on track and accountable, and I am sure you will all enjoy it too 😉

When was your first 5K? I’d love to know!

Back to vacation for me, see you in a few days!


7 thoughts on “First up, 5K.

  1. Congratulations! A 5k is a great first race to start with!
    My first race was a 5k and it was sponsored by my University. It took me about 33 minutes to complete and I was DEAD at the end, but it was totally worthwhile!

    Who would’ve thought I would’ve been running a full marathon a year later 😉

  2. My first race was a 5K and it gave me so much confidence. Crossing that finish line was one of the best feelings ever! Good luck to you. Can’t wait to hear how everything goes:-)

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  4. Good for you girl! The plan looks solid! You can always just register the day before or at the race. I find there are so many 5k races around that they don’t usually tend to fill up (at least in the Seattle area). Good luck and can’t wait to hear about your progress.

    PS. It was a please to write a guest post for you and I am so happy it helped with your running commitment.

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