My Monty.

About a year and a half ago, my then boyfriend and I decided to adopt two adorable little kittens. We thought long and hard on names, and somehow ended up naming them Gadget + Monty after the Rescue Rangers. (Yes, we loved us some Disney Afternoon when we were both kids, what can I say.)

Gadget on the left, Monty on the right.

They were the cutest little kittens, and when we ended our relationship we decided that he would keep them for now because my new roommate already had a cat and 3 cats in 1 apartment would be a bit much. 

Monty playing in the covers.

Monty sleeping on the warm radiator.

Kitty dinner time.

I loved to go visit them though and cat sat when he was out of town. (I am lucky we had a pretty civil breakup.) There was talk of me taking the cats when I moved depending on things. They are great cats (and I am not really even a cat person,) and I wish I had introduced them to you all before now, because now that I am its because one of my little kitties has passed away.

Gadget is the big spoon, Monty is the little spoon.

I am really sad to say that Monty got very sick, and without going into details, he passed away on Friday afternoon. 

I spent the weekend hanging out with my ex (we are still friends so its not that strange) and just celebrating the little guy’s short life. I didn’t take any pictures, but I did eat some delicious fish, oysters, and other tasty snacks in memory of him. We have fun telling stories of when they were little and all the funny things they did when they were kitties. And then I spent time hanging out with Gadget playing with her and having fun because she’s a bit of a lonely kitty.

This post is dedicated to Monty, aka Monster (his nickname,) one of the two of the best cats ever. You are already missed.


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