Well, my first week of 5K training went alright, but I did not goes exactly as planned. That being said + while not making excuses, my plan got changed around this weekend as I spent the weekend celebrating Monty. And while I could have probably scheduled my time better, the truth is I didn’t and that is something I clearly need to work on if I am going to be committed to running races. So lesson learned. Hopefully I can do better this week. Here’s last week plan + what actually happened:

Monday: Interval workout (check)
Tuesday: 10 minute run + Strength (check, not strength)
Wednesday: Interval workout (moved to Thursday, check.)
Thursday: 15 minute run + Strength
Friday: Off
Saturday: Run 2 miles Walked approx. 2 miles around DC
Sunday: Walk 20 minutes 
The good news is that I only technically missed one of the workouts that is on the Runner’s World schedule I am following. The interval workouts were something I added in for me, so I suppose it could have been worst? Maybe one of you can give me a good yell, tell me to shape up or ship out? I think I need it 😦
Here is this week’s plan. My goal is to really commit + follow the plan since I need to get on track (especially since I may be moving soon, and my 5K is right before I would move! Which reminds me to officially register now that I have a plan.)
Monday: 2 miles (make-up from last week)
Tuesday: 15 minute run
Wednesday: Interval walk/run
Thursday: 20 minute run
Friday: Off
Saturday: 2.5 mile run
Sunday: Off
I am not committing to anything on Sunday because I told a friend I’d help her move which is usually a workout in itself.
I know some of you must be wondering about NROLFW. I am not done with this for good. I promise. It just seems like every time I go to the gym someone has taken over all the equipment. My gym is small, as its in my apartment building, so I am thinking this may need to start over when I get to SF. I’ll throw in strength a few days a week, but just seem what’s available equipment wise and go from there.
I feel like everything I have been committing to lately is getting all turned around. But I am trying to not get frustrated. My life is sort of in limbo right now with wanting to move and figuring my next steps. So its hard to balance right now. But that being said,I know is that I am doing the best I can and that I can only work on improving one day at a time. Right?
This blog is about finding my healthy + happy balance. So its going to be a journey and every journey has its challenges. I just want to be as open and honest as I can be, because I am real, and this is what my journey is all about.
I am off to get my 2 miles on. See ya!

8 thoughts on “5K:W2

  1. For me, I just make working out a non-negotiable. I’m in DC this week for work (meet up what?!?), and I plan on getting up every morning before work to run. I know I won’t want to in the evenings after days full of meetings, but I also know that if I get my butt out of bed early, I’ll feel 10,000 times better all day long.

  2. I too can get pretty stressed out when things don’t go as planned, life tends to do that. At least you are getting done what you can get done, which is better then nothing 🙂

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