Hurriquake’s a Comin’.

In case you live in a hole and didn’t know, Hurriquake Hurricane Irene is headed up the East Coast and impending doom is upon us.


Okay, maybe not impending doom, but lots of rain, lots of wind + a hole bunch of scary things that come with those two things. I have water, candles, a flashlight and enough peanut butter food to last me for a while, so I think I should be okay. But if I am not posting this weekend, you know why!

I’ve received a ton of emails about being prepared, which is always something that you should be before a hurricane. I personally saw first hand the effects a hurricane can have on an area when I volunteered in New Orleans post-Hurricane Katrina. So when in doubt, play it safe and be smart! I don’t think this hurricane will be quite as bad, but you never know!

In New Orleans volunteering post-Katrina.


Last nights dinner came courtesy (well, I paid but…) of one of my favorite local bars. I headed there after work with a co-worker, and one two beers later I was starving and needed subsistence. I got a side salad and we shared a cheese steak with lots of onions and peppers with provolone cheese. Not the best dinner, but at least the salad helped balance it out a bit. (I took a picture but the lighting was horrible, so you will just need to use your imagination.)

I haven’t been doing so great with eating all around healthy dinners this week. Grocery shopping was a bust which resulted in eating out way too much. I have a feeling this may be the case until I leave with trying to squeeze in last visits,etc., but at least if I can have a salad at each meal (with healthy dressing) at least there is that.

Since my dinners haven’t been super healthy, I have been trying to at least keep my breakfasts + lunches in check. Since I still was out of food today,  I stopped at Starbucks on my way into work and picked up an Iced Soy Misto and a cup of their Perfect Oatmeal.

I got all three toppings they offer (nuts, dried fruit + brown sugar) and used about half of each except for the brown sugar, I used about one-third. It hit the spot. I love me some oatmeal, and Starbucks, I do believe this is perfect (at least for on the go!)

Lunchtime rolled around and I headed to the supermarket to pick up a few hurricane supplies. I decided to multi-task and get a sandwich from the deli counter. I ordered a whole thinking I could save the other half for lunch this weekend. Well I certainly have lunch for this weekend and then some because this is the biggest sandwich I’ve probably ever seen.

I ordered the Italian Sub with lots of lettuce, onions, peppers, pickles, etc., with a splash of olive oil and vinegar. Ginormous is the only word I can use to describe this. I had one forth to myself and had a big bite out of another forth before giving that to a co-worker that went with me to the store. I basically have more than another whole sandwich left and the whole thing only cost me $6. Yes, six bucks! Insanity.

I am off for the night, heading into DC to get dinner and probably get into a little trouble! 😉 Have a great weekend + be safe all you East Coasters!!


6 thoughts on “Hurriquake’s a Comin’.

  1. Your sub looks very similar to mine– except I just get turkey with ALL of the same ingredients.
    Have a great time in D.C. tonight, Jane. Try to stay on your best behavior 😉

  2. Hope you’re all hunkered down and staying safe this weekend. My friend told me that between the earthquake and the hurricane, it’s clear that Richmond is pissed that I left and I need to get back there ASAP! 😉

    I can’t believe that sub was only $6! I love it when you can get a lot of mileage out of food like that. I have been eating crappy all week, too, with the traveling and moving. I’m glad to finally be at my parents’ house where I might actually be able to eat some vegetables! What are those again???

  3. I hope you’re doing OK in the hurricane! We lost power for a while…’s preTTY windy out there.

    PS Love those subway subs with the egg white stuff on them, especially with a ton of veggies.

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