With only three weekends left in DC before my big move, I took the opportunity this weekend to relax, hang out with friends and enjoy myself. This meant a little blogging vacation (sorry!), some tasty snacks and a whole lot of wine rain (thanks Irene!)

That being said, I am all sorts of a mess today. I forgot my breakfast and lunch. Forgot my camera. And look like a mess. (Like for real.) Oh and I got pulled over today for not yielding correctly onto the highway, but luckily the cop let me off with just a verbal warning. (He was also a Maryland cop and pulled me over in DC, is that even legal?)

Since I forgot my camera and therefore a lot of my pictures from this weekend, I will just do a mini recap. Ready, set, go!

Friday included four of my favorites S’s: Seaweed Salad, Sushi, Sake + Sapporo with a big group of friends new and old. It was lots of fun, and the food was delicious. We went to Sushi U in the U St Corridor in DC and then went to a few bars afterwards. It was a pretty fun night which made for a painful run on Saturday. But run I did. Approximately 2 miles. In a row. Before I got off and did a little strength of this and that.

Pretend this was mine...

As for food, Saturday morning started with a trip to Dunkin’ Donuts for a Coconut Iced Coffee. It was needed. I also grabbed a mulitgrain bagel with a little reduced fat cream cheese. I also ate a plum when I got back to mi casa. Lunch was a homemade chicken breast sammie with lots lettuce and onions on some Ezekial bread. It was pretty tasty too, probably because of the strip of turkey bacon I put on there. 😉 (Again pictures on my camera. At home. Lame) Dinner included pizza + salad + a glass or two of vino. Hey it was hurricaning outside, I ate what I could get!

Sunday the rain had stopped, so a friend and I headed to brunch at Senart’s Oyster & Chop House on Barracks Row in DC. We decided to share everything, so we ordered oysters (duh,) the Smoked Salmon platter + the Lobster Omelet. It was all delicious.


smoked salmon platter.

lobsta omelet

(Pictures courtesy of my beat up iPhone… better than nada. October please come soon.)

The oysters were awesome, but the salmon platter stole the show in my opinion. It was killer. The chive creme fresh really was the icing on the cake. So good. The lobster omelet was okay. Not enough lobster and wayy too much egg.

After brunch we walked around the city looking at the hurricane damage. Mostly just lots of branches and leaves with an occasional tree here and there that had indeed fallen over. Neither my friend or me lost power, so I suppose we were pretty lucky. It seems quite a few people had no such luck!

Lots of walking and mini stops later, we ended up at a bar to grab a beer + watch the Nats game on TV. They lost. C’est la baseball.

Dinnertime approached, and my friend and I decided since we had made it this far (and we both had no food, and no desire to go to the grocery store) that we should just grab some dinner too. We headed up to H St to check out a place I have been wanting to try before I leave: Granville Moore’s. I think the theme of Sunday was seafood because Granville’s is famous for their moules or mussells!

not my moules....

We ordered the Wedge ‘Caesar’ Salad, Diablo del Mar Moules (littleneck clams, baby Maine shrimp, hand-crafted pappardelle, spicy fennel-saffron broth) + a side of frites. I tried to focus on the mussels over the frites, but a few of them slipped in my mouth, what can I say?

No workout was worked in on Sunday (issues at my gym, not treadmills were available and the trail was crazzzzy from the storm) but I walked a lot at least and will make up for it today. Over all my weekend was fun, a bit indulgent and one for the books (I am a hurricane survivor after all.)

Hope you all had an awesome weekend, have power + didn’t get too much damage from Irene!


5 thoughts on “Weekender.

  1. Hey!

    Boo about the speeding tix?! Glad you got out of it though ; )

    How cool you live in DC! But I see your moving too! Congrats on your soon to be move! Packing stinks, I have to start this weekend, wine and packing is how Im rolling ; )

    I love sushi!!!! Im actually loving a lot of your eats on here, the smoked salmon dish looks delish!

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