Quit Party 2011

As you probably know, I quit my job yesterday! And boy could I not be more relieved. Quitting is never fun, especially since I do love my boss (I just don’t love my job.)  I tried to get #quitparty2011 trending on Twitter yesterday, as this girl and me both participated in the event, but alas, no such luck. Maybe next time 😉

After work I squeezed in a quick 20 minute run and then headed out to celebrate with some friends. I have been doing wayy to much celebrating lately, but that will die down when I get to San Francisco, so I am not going to focus too much on that. I have a lot going on right now so I’m just focusing on healthy eating during the day and getting my runs in.

But I am getting a head of myself. Let’s start with yesterday’s breakfast. I woke up and was craving a yogurt bowl. Irene left my building with no AC (a huge tree fell on the building’s main AC thingumabob) so I woke up a little warm and craving cool.

In the mix was Honey Nonfat Greek Yogurt, Trader Joe’s Low Fat Granola, half a banana, some cut up strawberries + chia seeds on top. It hit the spot!

For lunch, my friend from work was nice enough to give me some of the lunch he had made himself (he had a LOT!) I was really interested in trying it too because A) I didn’t have a lunch + B) It was made with Tofu Shirataki Noodles which I have been meaning to try! The noodles were made with a homemade Thai-esque sauce with carrots, onions + garlic.

While the noodles were a little slimy, they were really tasty and took the flavor of the sauce. Plus at 40 calories for an ENTIRE package that is something I can get on board with. Shirataki cooking experiments to come!

I also had a mediocre peach for an afternoon snack. It was not ripe enough!

Now where was I before, oh right, I headed out with friends to celebrate. We headed to my favorite local bar in DC and had a celebratory beer to start. A Yeungling to be exact. I’ve never seen this out west, so I figured while still in Rome…

Afterwards we went to a friends’ apartment for a delicious dinner + a glass or two of wine. First up was a Spanish meat and cheese plate for us. So good. I love meat + cheese. What can I say? I hardly ever eat stuff like this, so I had a few pieces which were awesome.

The lighting in the apartment is terrible. Just a warning! The next picture, of our main course is worse, but its worth sharing so you have some sort of visual on the concoction that was dinner.

Veal chop with cheese AND bacon on top, puccini noodles + sauteed spinach with carrots in a paprika sauce. Holy yum. I probably only ate a third of my plate (soo much food!) but it was really good and tasty! And actually, despite the cheese and bacon and sauces etc, the chef claimed that he really tried to make it as healthy as possible. We shall see what the scale says 😉

I love when someone cooks a homemade meal for me. It seems like I am always the one that does the cooking!

Do you cook mostly at home or does someone cook for you?


7 thoughts on “Quit Party 2011

  1. Yey! I’m glad you tried the Shiritaki Noodles. They obviously taste nothing like real pasta (I mean for 40 calories, come on!) but they are still a good healthy substitution 🙂 Did you rinse and pat dry them before use? It makes them a little less slimy

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