Breakfast to Breakfast.

Yesterday I thought it was Thursday, and today I keep thinking it’s Friday, so all in all I have had a disappointing two days. 😉 (Joking. Mostly.) I do feel though like my days left in DC are going fast. Like fast, fast! I have so much to do + so much left to enjoy, so everyday I try to incorporate at least one thing in that I’ve been meaning to do or have to do. I’ve mostly been only getting through the meaning to do (aka, hang out with friends I haven’t seen in a while and eat at good places) + not the have to dos (packing, planning, tossing + donating.) Even though I am super excited to be moving back West, DC is a great city, just one I think I’d prefer to visit in the future as oppose to live in – if that makes sense.

And actually, I must confess, yesterday I just plain didn’t do anything. Not a meaning to do or a have to. I just went home, made some dinner + chilled. Actually, maybe that was a meaning to do! I have been busy and needed some downtime.

Speaking of yesterday, let’s talk breakfast, because it was delicious. After a disappointing peach earlier this week, I knew that something else had to be done with the peaches I had bought because they alone were just not cutting it. Since I love baking banana right in with my oats, I thought I could probably do the same with a peach and that for some reason this would help. Well either I am a genius, or the cinnamon + dark chocolate pb I put on top helped, but it worked! And well.

Oats + flaxseed + chia seeds + cinnamon + one peach (cubed) + a healthy does of PB = Delicious. It was a pre-Fall-ish bowl of fun. Just what I wanted.

Yesterday’s lunch was simple, but also just what I wanted.

Turkey hummus sandwich on a thin with onions, cucumbers + lettuce. Plus grapes + carrots on the side. Perfectly simple, tasty + sweet.

My afternoon snack was simple too. Just my favorite Luna Bar, Blueberry Bliss, and a big cup of H20. I was thirsty!

Yesterday’s dinner was an oldie, but a goodie. Turkey taco salad night. It’s my go to meal when I am feeling lazy, which yesterday I was.

It didn’t hurt either that I had all the ingredients beside the ground turkey. Romaine + cucumbers + red onion + black beans + salsa + avocado (that I turned into guacamole)  + a sprinkling of reduced-fat Mexican cheese.

My roommate also decided to make funfetti cake so I had a little sliver of that too. It was gone before I thought to take a picture. Funfetti is a weakness I tell you 😉

And since lunch today was a special little treat (more on that later,) let’s complete this post with today’s workout + breakfast.

I woke up this morning NOT motivated at all. In fact that has been a trend this week. I blame the no AC, and therefore not sleeping well, as the culprit. But I made myself get up this AM and decided to change my workout up a bit since the gym too was super hot. Instead of my scheduled 25 minute run, I did a quick warm-up, ran a mile @ 5.7, quick cool down, and then did a full body strength workout. It felt great! I clearly need to do more strength, I think its safe to say I like it a lot, as I can work out my frustrations that way 😉

After the gym I had a quick breakfast – sandwich thin, DCPB + a banana. I forgot to put chia seeds on though! Whoops! I was in a rush.

(I think my breakfast looks like a monkey in this photo.)

That’s all for now. Be back later to talk lunch! (For realz this time!)


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