Today for lunch, a co-worker + myself ventured into a not-so-great part of town to get some sandwiches that are suppose to be the best in DC. The co-worker is a guy, so I felt pretty safe. 😉 Not to mention, it was broad daylight.

Litteri’s is a little Italian Deli located in DC’s Northeast that has a huge selection of meats, cheeses, olives, wine + other Italian specialties.

They also have sandwiches. Tasty, tasty sandwiches I discovered today. I ordered a turkey-salami sandwich on a whole-wheat roll with spicy pepper jack and lots of fun toppings (olives, pickles, sundried tomatoes, onions, lettuce, spices, olive oil + vinegar.)

I loved that the toppings were thicker than the meat. I love toppings more than meat most of the time! This was hands down the best sandwich I’ve had in DC, so I am happy to have had the chance to go before I left! It was huge, so I basically ate a half and one bite of the next before turning it over to my friend. He got a meatball sub – mine was definitely better.

If you are ever in DC, definitely check this place out. Just bring a friend. Safety first!

Dinner tonight was simple. I wasn’t very hungry after my big lunch, so I decided to whip up some egg, brown rice + broccoli, and call it dinner. I love egg with rice (my mom would make it for me when I was little as comfort food,) so I put a healthy twist on it and it was so good. I will definitely make this again (and add more veggies!)

What comfort foods do you turn healthy? Any delicious deli’s you say are a must try in your area?


4 thoughts on “Litteri’s.

  1. There’s this little Jewish deli near where I grew up that had THE best matzo ball soup. I would always make my friends go just so I could treat myself to it 😉

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