Goodbye Summer + DC.

This weekend I said goodbye to Summer + DC. While next weekend is official my last full weekend in DC, it will be filled with packing, tossing, organizing, etc, etc, so I wanted to have a fun Labor Day Weekend and go out in style.

Weekend highlights included (lots of) great seafood, good friends, beers + baseball.

Basically the perfect way to say goodbye in my book. πŸ™‚

Blogging might be a little ‘lite’ over the next few weeks as I get prepared, leave DC + drive acrossss the country, but I will be checking in of course. Blogging lite will probably just include select meals, select workouts and whatever else I can squeeze in. Sound okay to you guys gals?

I hope so, because once I move I will be back in FULL FORCE πŸ™‚ Only better things to come here. And that’s a promise I can surely keep! Hope you all have a great Monday Tuesday!!

What were highlights of your weekend?


6 thoughts on “Goodbye Summer + DC.

  1. Sounds like fun!! My weekend was great…summer has finally shown it’s face in Seattle. We went wine tasting, I made beef cheek ragu and I started a juice cleanse. Good luck with all of your packing and moving!

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