Hot Oats.

Rainy days all week have meant hot oatmeal and hot coffee for breakfast all week. I love hot oats + I love hot coffee. Now, please do not get me wrong, I love me some iced coffee as well, but there is something about a hot cup of coffee that makes me a happy lady. It’s the little things in life some times.

Trader Joe’s Heart Healthy Whole Grain Cranberry Instant Oats (with Flaxseed + Plant Sterols) + banana + scoop of crunchy peanut butter  + chia seeds.

Basically happiness in a bowl. 

This weekend its go time. Packing, donating, tossing, selling. Out with the old + in with the new. Hopefully I will be able to squeeze in a nice dinner with friends. That’s all that I want before I go.

What are you plans this weekend?


3 thoughts on “Hot Oats.

  1. Running tomorrow morning, some R&R, and writing a billion wedding thank-you cards.
    Hopefully a glass of wine will accompany me on that last task!
    You should also have a glass of wine when packing….it will make it much more fun:-)

  2. Dinner with girlfriends from high school tonight, house hunting tomorrow, dinner with my fam & football tomorrow night, and a book festival Sunday. Busy!

    And I agree with Amanda–packing + wine > packing – wine. 😀

  3. Hey there! I just found your blog and wanted to wish you good luck with the packing/moving! A year ago I moved my whole life across the country (from Boston to the Bay area), so I can sympathize. Best of luck with the move 🙂

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