First Weekend in San Francisco.

Hello, hello + Happy Monday! And a gorgeous Monday at that in San Francisco! My first weekend in San Francisco went off without a hitch. After driving for 5 days, I needed a little weekend fun, but not too over the top fun – I was still exhausted!

Friday night I just decided it was best to stay in, drink some wine + watched a funny movie with my mom. We ended up watching Bridesmaids, which was pretty funny.

There were definitely a few laugh out load moments + overall, it was an entertaining flick. I really love Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph. They are both hilarious.

Saturday brought two of my favorite things: Brunch + shopping. I love brunch. I think I have mentioned this before, but brunch is my favorite meal to go out for. It usually involves champagne or a Bloody Mary + can be savory or sweet depending on your mood. My mom, sister and I went to The Magic Flute on Sacramento and Spruce in Presidio Heights (according to Google…I’m still a SF newbie, what can I say?)

The restaurant is very cute with a bit of a French feel. It always has a nice outdoor area, but I was a little cold. What can I say, I am adjusting to the cooler, California weather!

I decided on a Bellini with the Wild Salmon Scramble (eggs, asparagus, sour cream, green onions, tomatoes, potatoes + fresh fruit,) although the entire menu looked delicious.

My mom additionally order us an order of the Cinnamon + Sugar Beignets
with fresh lemon curd, sweeted whipped cream for a brunch starter. Appetizer at brunch are always fun. Especially if they involve beignets.

 Everything was excellent. The salmon was great. I have never had eggs with salmon before, but it was delicious – especially with the asparagus and green onions. It really made it taste fresh. And of course the beignets were amazing. I had a few bites which absolutely satisfied my sweet tooth.

Overall, I’d give the Magic Flute an A on brunch. Definitely a place to go back to – you know after I try the other 1,234,234 restaurants in San Francisco. 😉

After brunch we headed downtown to shop! I believe I have mentioned that my sister, Katie, is getting married next June, and Saturday was about finding her wedding shoes! We headed to Neiman’s, Bloomie’s, and Nordstrom to name a few before she “settled” aka was beyong excited with a pair that she loved. I won’t out what shoes she choose, but let’s just say, Carrie Bradshaw would be proud. 🙂

I might have also bought this watch I’ve been eyeing for quite some time as an early birthday present to myself.

Hello, Mr. Kors, its lovely to see own you. It was a bit of a splurge. But hey, if will last forever. Or at least for the next few years.

Saturday night included Thai food for dinner (the lighting in the restaurant was terrible,) followed by some wine and fun with a group of my sister’s friends. Nothing fancy, just a get together at an apartment, but sometimes that is all you need. Good dinner + good company.

Sunday morning was cold + rainy, which to me means the perfect morning for pancakes. I had picked up a box of Kodiak Pancake mix at the grocery store after reading about how awesome they were on Carrots ‘n’ Cakes as well as a few other blogs that I love reading.

Well, the were correct. They were awesome + super easy to make. Whole wheat, oats + honey for ingredients + just add water. I added some blueberries to the mix, baked some delicious bacon, and added sliced bananas + pure maple syrup on top. Plus a nice big cup of hot coffee on the side. Yum-o. My sister came over for breakfast, and there was plenty for all.

After breakfast my mom and I headed to Costco to pick up a few things she needed. The best part of staying with my mom until I get settled and find my own place is that I get to go to Costco and shop for “free.” Okay not free, I told her I’d cook until I am out of her hair (fair trade off, right?) but it is always more fun shopping when you aren’t paying.

After Costco we were both ready for lunch so we headed to the first place we saw that was not fast food: Chevy’s. I know its chain Mexican food, but I have always liked this place for some strange reason. Maybe it’s the fact that you get a free Sombrero on your birthday. Maybe.

I decided on the BBQ Chicken Salad and to share a bowl of the Mexican Tortilla soup with madre.

The soup was good, but needed a little salt, but the salad was really good. I love Mexican salads, and the BBQ on the chicken was a fun twist.

When we got home from Costco and lunch I decided to take this guy on a walk.


My mom’s dog Oliver + I both have a few elbees to loose, so I am thinking we will work on it together while I am staying with my mom. He is a lab mix and a big boy! We walked just a bit over a mile. Need to start him off slow. He is just the sweetest though + he makes me want my own dog so bad! Soon, soon!

Dinner was something I have been craving for a while, but since the post is long, I will post all about Sunday night’s dinner in its own post later today! I have free time while I am seeing about a new job, (in person interview next week, so send good vibes out to the universe for me) so expect to hear from me a bit more each day! I have to do something to keep myself from going stir crazy!

Hope you all had an awesome weekend! So far, so good, San Francisco. See you later!


10 thoughts on “First Weekend in San Francisco.

  1. Welcome to the West Coast (again!). I was happy to return from our honeymoon to a cool and crisp fall weekend as well!

    Now that we are located in the same area, we should organize a blogger meet up!

  2. I’m a new reader (thanks for Courtney) and looks like the timing was perfect – Welcome to the Bay! Hope you can join our group of bloggy friends for Sunday Runday sometime!

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