A Gorgeous Day.

Yesterday was hands down such a gorgeous day. I know I sound like a broken record, but seriously, so, so gorgeous. So gorgeous I spent the majority of the day outside. Just around lunchtime, I put on some shorts and a tank top, and headed out on a mile and a half walk to Whole Foods for lunch. I had purchased the Living Social deal a few weeks ago and deemed yesterday the perfect day to use it.

I headed out the door and into the beautiful California sun and eventually ended up at Whole Foods.


Now as this is the only Whole Foods I have been to so far in the city, I am crossing my fingers that this is the worst one in the city because I was craving there amazing salad bar and this one disappointed to the max. Maybe I am a snob, and just need to get used to city living, but I am used to the big, luxurious Whole Foods in the DC area. I picked up a few things and then decided on Salmon Avocado Brown Rice Sushi with a Sesame Seaweed Salad on the side. Fear not, I will try another one, and obviously still heart Whole Foods, this one just was conveniently located next to Golden Gate Park where I was planning on picnicking.


I sat down in a nice shady area and dug in to my lunch.




The sushi had great flavor and I loved the seaweed salad (I seriously love seaweed!) but the only downer was the sushi had wayyy too much rice on it. I ended up taken off the majority of the rice on the outside of the roll. It was not needed.


I didn’t let the brown rice ruin my lunch or the bad day. I mean how can you ruin this?


I finished my lunch and headed the mile and a half back, quite happy I had bought a bottled water at Whole Foods for the walk back! It was hot! Not that I am complaining one bit.

I got home, took out Oliver for about a mile, and headed to meet my sister, Katie, and some friends for a beach date with their dogs. (Oliver doesn’t play too well with others, he is more of a person dog, than a dog’s dog.)

The beach was gorgeous and I so wish I had taken my camera and not just my iPhone because the shots I got does not give the day or the beach justice. It felt so good to be at the beach, it had been far too long!


We drank some wine, played with the this little guy, Cooper, and just had fun in the sun.


All these dogs are just leaving me dog crazy! I need one, immediately!! Okay, well soon at least. Smile

After the beach I headed to Benefit with my friend Merry for a much needed session at the Brow Bar. My brows look so much better. They were NOT looking good, and with my birthday TOMORROW, I had to have them look parfait. Non?!

After our brows were looking good, we headed to dinner at Dragon Well just up the road on Chestnut. We were both hungry, especially after the glass of wine on the beach! The lighting was horrible, but we ended up ordering three dishes to split.


The Beef and Chicken dishes were my favorite, both very flavorful and very fresh tasting. There’s that word again, fresh. My new food word. The noodles weren’t my favorite, a little bland, but overall a good meal. I hate when Chinese is too greasy, and this wasn’t in the slightest.

After dinner we walked back to where my car was parked and I spent the night googling puppies. Yes, I am that girl right now. What can I say? I have puppy fever.

Do you have puppy fever? Or do you have a dog? If so, what kind?!


2 thoughts on “A Gorgeous Day.

  1. I actually read this post yesterday and the photos of your sushi inspired my dinner choices last night! It hit the spot! Great photos around Crissy Field! I love the City so much; it just never gets old!

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