Yesterday was gorgeous, today the normal overcast returned to the City. C’est la vie. It was lovely while it lasted. I really don’t mind the cool weather, just as long as I can smell the Pacific in the morning, this girl will be a-okay.

I woke up this morning and decided to to go for a big bowl of fruit cereal. I did half Maple + Brown Sugar Frosted Mini Wheats and half Kashi Oat Flakes + Blueberry Clusters (a new box I picked up at Whole Foods yesterday.) Oh an about a gallon of fruit on top.



Yes, I promise there is cereal and milk down there. I started with some banana and then decided to dump the rest of my fruit salad on top of it. Well, there was clearly more than I thought. I still didn’t finish all the fruit! But it was delicious. And fresh! Winking smile

I didn’t do much the rest of the morning. Walked Oliver a few miles. (I see improvement!) Watched some TV that I’d DVR’ed. And tried to think of what I would make for lunch and dinner. Yes, food is usually on my mind.

For lunch I decided to make a tuna sandwich. Something about it sounded so good to me for some reason. I mixed the tuna with a little low-fat mayo (something I rarely have when at home. I don’t keep it in my fridge normally, but since it was in my mom’s I figured why not,) dill, lemon pepper and garlic salt. I toasted a multi-grain sandwich thin, cut up some cucumber slices, red onion, washed some lettuce and grabbed some pickles and threw it all together with some carrots on the side.


I don’t know why, but it was sooo good. Seriously, the best tuna sandwich I have ever made for myself. And I have made many a tuna sandwiches in my day.


The saddest part? I’ll never duplicate it. It was a fluke! I didn’t measure the spices, I have no idea the amount of mayo I used. It was the first and last of its kind. And yes, I am still talking about my tuna sandwich. It was that good.

Okay I’m off to start dinner. My sister is coming over and I’m making something Mediterranean-esque and, well, of course fresh! See ya later!


One thought on “Tuna-rific.

  1. I have a tuna sandwich for lunch today! Well… A tuna melt. And orange thingies on the side. Yours are carrots. Mine are cheese puff. Same thing, right? Orange, orange. I’m excited about lunch time.

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