Happy Birthday to Me!


It’s almost hard for me to comprehend that I turned 27 today. I remembering being that little girl (the one on the left with the awesome shorts, more interested in my bubbles than anything else,) thinking 30 was old and thinking I’d be married with children by this “late” stage in my life.

Life is not exactly how I thought it would be, back in my awesome short wearing days. But I have had some pretty incredible opportunities in life. I’ve traveled the world, lived in Europe, have some amazing friends, great family, and just have the best feeling about this year, being a really great year. (And no, I promise, I don’t say that every year.)

I have a lot of fun things planned for this weekend, which obviously includes awesome food, great wine + probably a new purchase or two.

Hope you all have an amazing Friday! And if you get a chance, have a glass of wine for me! Winking smile


8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me!

  1. Joyeux Anniversaire! My life too is drastically different than what I had planned it to be 10 years ago. But I am loving life right now!
    Glad you’re enjoying your birthday. My birthday was Wednesday but the party is tonight! I’ll be celebrating with you in spirit.

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