Change of Tune.

I know, I have been a terrible blogger as of late. Searching for jobs is seriously a full-time job though and writing cover letters may be the death of me.

Plus, I am going to be honest. I just don’t know if I am the kind of person that can take pictures of everything she eats. I love food, do not get me wrong, but I am bored with myself, meaning you are probably board of me too.

So for the next few weeks or so, I am going to experiment with a new blog concept, and potentially, a new blog name even. I love blogging. But I want to blog about healthy living the way I see it. Healthy living to me, is living life well. Not taking a picture of the carrots and hummus I eat. I see it as sharing recipes and great food, sharing places and pretty things, and sharing my new adventures in California.

Please don’t get me wrong, I think people that can post everything they eat are amazing. And I love reading your blogs! I am just not able to do this. I forget, I feel guilty, and this should not be the case! Blogging is suppose to be fun! An outlet! A sharing of experiences, so from now on, that’s what I will be doing – sharing experiences of my life, that I try to lead in a healthy way. It could also be sharing a new pair of shoes I bought as well, because you know, sometimes its healthy to spend some money when you need a little pick me up. Smile

Okay, I hope you all don’t hate me now. Bear with my while I find my groove. And I promise, I’ll find one soon! Back to cover letters. See you soon.


5 thoughts on “Change of Tune.

  1. Blogging is meant to be fun:) I don’t post everything I eat but love looking at blogs that do, as well as ones that incorporate other aspects of life.

    Looking forward to seeing what else you do with your blog.

  2. I don’t blame you! I could never post everything I eat (mainly because I eat ALL DAY LONG and I don’t even find the foods I eat that interesting!) I’m all about a mixture of fitness, food, fun, SF adventures, etc. Good luck with the job search!

  3. I am with you girl. I’ve shifted from blogging every day and posting pictures of the same meals I eat over and over again. Now I try to share stories about my life and my adventures. Food still plays a big part of it but it’s part of a story rather then the main focus. 🙂

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