Come away with me.

Hello! And yes I know, it has been a while. But I have taken the time to do a little thinking. What I have realized however is that this blog is just not me.I do miss writing and sharing though and being apart of a big blogging community which I love. So I have decided to start a different blog about my life and the things that I love – wine, food & pretty things. Are you shocked? I am sure you aren’t. I think healthy living is about having a healthy life, and healthy to me means celebrating  life and living it to the fullest. I am still trying to find that healthy balance, some days are of course better than others, but what I do know that is if you cannot celebrate life with wine, food and pretty things, then what is there to be happy about!

So if you are interested in following my new adventure in the city by the Bay while I dream of French Laundry tasting menus and bottles of Opus One, not to mention Anthropologie by the bag full, then head over to It’s not much yet, but I hope it will be something that is, well, just me. Also, if you were following me on Twitter, my new handle is @janepfrank.

Much love & thanks for helping me find this great place in life. I hope to see you soon. XOXO


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