Hi I’m Jane, and I am a foodie. Okay, not maybe not a real foodie, but I do love food, and sometimes I tend to over indulge when I shouldn’t, so I started this blog to get on track with food, fitness + healthy living. I believe life should be like a big bowl of broccolini and cheese; a healthy, happy balance (with a glass of wine on the side of course.)

I’m looking to loose a few elbees, and make over my eating habits. I’m not trying to be a stick figure, just find a weight that is comfortable for me, that allows me to be active and healthy.

I am also beginning to try my hand feet at running, which has, to say the least, been a bumpy road so far, but something I hope to learn to enjoy. Besides running though I have always loved hiking and talking long walks.

Beside eating, I love traveling, wine, reading + California. I recently just moved back to California, to San Francisco, after almost 2 years of living on the East Coast in Washington, DC.

I know my journey won’t be perfect, but I’m putting it out there in hopes to keep me truckin’ and to track my progress. Stick around. It’s going to be one fun & tasty ride!

Feel free to contact me at broccoliniandcheese@gmail.com!


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