First things first. I officially quit my job today! AKA holy moly!! It was an awkward moment between my boss and I, but I think he understands. Either way, its official. I am leaving this place and moving on up West.

Secondly, I meant to post my third week schedule and second week recap of my 5K training yesterday, but then I got sucked in to watching a Lifetime Movie that basically took over my evening.

Last weeks 5K training went okay, but as I think I’ve mentioned I missed out on my “long run.” By long I mean 2.5 miles, which I know there are so many of you out there training for marathons and here I am complaining about the demands of my 5K training, but with only so many weeks left here in DC, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed, especially since the race I was hoping to run is the day before I leave for California, but more on that later, here’s how it went overall last week:

Monday: 2 miles
Tuesday: 15 minute run + Strength training
Wednesday: Interval walk/run (3 minute warm up; 3 mins @ 5.8 + 1 min @ 3.8 until I hit 2 miles plus 3 minute cool down.)
Thursday: 20 minute run
Friday: Off
Saturday: 2.5 mile run 20 minute run + Strength training
Sunday: Off 2(ish) mile walk

See, okay. But nothing to write home about. At least I added in some strength training (mostly upper body + abs.)

As a reminder, this is the plan I am loosely following. So this week will hopefully look something like this plus two days of strength training thrown in:

Monday: Off
Tuesday: 20 minute run
Wednesday: Run/Walk intervals
Thursday: 25 minute run
Friday: Run/Walk intervals
Saturday: Off
Sunday: 2.75 mile run

Overall, every time I run, I do feel better. I do however need to run outside more, which hopefully I can start doing now that it’s getting a little cooler out. Back to the date of my 5K though. When I first started this plan I committed to running a 5K no matter what on September 17th. Well, now as fate shall have it, I am leaving for California just 2 days after. I have a feeling my work will want to throw me a happy hour on the 16th, meaning I am not going to be up to running on the 17th?

Bottom line: I do not want to set myself up for failure. I still want to run it on the 17th like I said, but I want to run it and run it well. I feel like so many things on this blog that I have committed to have not worked out as planned + while I realize that is what this blog is about, finding my way to this new lifestyle of balance. I am not going to lie. I have been frustrated. With myself. I have a feeling once I get back to California and get settled, I am going to feel 100% better in regards to health + happiness. I just know. So should I wait until I get back to run a 5K? Maybe on the 2nd of October and bump it up to a 7K race? (There is one that day in San Francisco!)

What do you all think? I would appreciate any opinions you have! So please, help a sister out!! I am a little lost and have a lot to do before I leave here in 3 short weeks!

What would you do?


Yesterday, I really wanted to have an overall really good day after my weekend of a little fun. However, as I said, I started my day on the wrong foot by forgetting my breakfast + lunch AND by getting pulled over!

I decided to swing by Subway and get my faithful egg white patty + veggies sandwich. At around 300 calories, I really think its my favorite breakfast on the go. (Although I prefer to make them at home, if you can actually believe that!

Lunch was another on the go, but this time I hit up Whole Foods for their salad bar, and two grab a few things for dinner!

I love WF salad’s bar. I always seem to go for a Mediterranean themed salad. And it never leads me stray. I tried the Garlicky Kale for the first time too. DELISH!

Dinner was baked BBQ chicken, roasted asparagus + some whole grain rice on the side. Perfectly simple, but so good. It really hit the spot.

I’ll try not to get sucked into any lame movies tonight and make it back for today’s meals! Hope you are all having a great Tuesday!



Well, my first week of 5K training went alright, but I did not goes exactly as planned. That being said + while not making excuses, my plan got changed around this weekend as I spent the weekend celebrating Monty. And while I could have probably scheduled my time better, the truth is I didn’t and that is something I clearly need to work on if I am going to be committed to running races. So lesson learned. Hopefully I can do better this week. Here’s last week plan + what actually happened:

Monday: Interval workout (check)
Tuesday: 10 minute run + Strength (check, not strength)
Wednesday: Interval workout (moved to Thursday, check.)
Thursday: 15 minute run + Strength
Friday: Off
Saturday: Run 2 miles Walked approx. 2 miles around DC
Sunday: Walk 20 minutes 
The good news is that I only technically missed one of the workouts that is on the Runner’s World schedule I am following. The interval workouts were something I added in for me, so I suppose it could have been worst? Maybe one of you can give me a good yell, tell me to shape up or ship out? I think I need it 😦
Here is this week’s plan. My goal is to really commit + follow the plan since I need to get on track (especially since I may be moving soon, and my 5K is right before I would move! Which reminds me to officially register now that I have a plan.)
Monday: 2 miles (make-up from last week)
Tuesday: 15 minute run
Wednesday: Interval walk/run
Thursday: 20 minute run
Friday: Off
Saturday: 2.5 mile run
Sunday: Off
I am not committing to anything on Sunday because I told a friend I’d help her move which is usually a workout in itself.
I know some of you must be wondering about NROLFW. I am not done with this for good. I promise. It just seems like every time I go to the gym someone has taken over all the equipment. My gym is small, as its in my apartment building, so I am thinking this may need to start over when I get to SF. I’ll throw in strength a few days a week, but just seem what’s available equipment wise and go from there.
I feel like everything I have been committing to lately is getting all turned around. But I am trying to not get frustrated. My life is sort of in limbo right now with wanting to move and figuring my next steps. So its hard to balance right now. But that being said,I know is that I am doing the best I can and that I can only work on improving one day at a time. Right?
This blog is about finding my healthy + happy balance. So its going to be a journey and every journey has its challenges. I just want to be as open and honest as I can be, because I am real, and this is what my journey is all about.
I am off to get my 2 miles on. See ya!


Let me start by saying, I am not sure what is up with my old + beat up iPhone but my computer is not recognizing it anymore. I don’t know if this an issue with the phone or my computer  because both are giving me issues right now which makes me angry.

As angry as this kitty.

Anyways, due to this iPhone issue, I have no food pictures because I am too lazy to email them to myself one by one, (I know, you are sad, but it will be okay,) but I ate me some tasty + healthy food today:

  • Greek yogurt parfait for breakfast.
  • Big salad from Whole Foods for lunch.
  • And maybe a small huge bite of a croissant before lunch because I was waiting for my co-workers and almost passed out from hunger they were running late.
  • Turkey chili over a bed of spinach for dinner
  • Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sammie for dessert post workout. .
Speaking of working out, that is what this post is all about – the first week of my 5K plan. I meant to post this yesterday but was busy busy, but I will do so for the next four weeks from now on (knock on wood.) I am following the plan almost exactly (maybe a few days switched around here and there) but instead of cross training am going to do some run/walk sessions on the cross train days, (hopefully all outside,) which will hopefully help my running! I will also be doing two days of strength training each week.
Monday: 5 minute warm walk. Run 1 minute, walk 1 Minute, repeat x 10. 5 minute cool down walk. (Completed yesterday!)
Tuesday: 10 minute run. (Completed tonight on treadmill. 2:30 warm-up @ 3.7. 10 minute run @ 5.7. 2:30 minute cool-down at 3.5) + Strength (Did not do this because people were bogaarding the equipment again… need to figure out an alternative clearly.)
Wednesday: 5 minute warm walk. Run 1 minute, walk 1 Minute, repeat x 15. 5 minute cool down walk.
Thursday: 15 minute run + Strength
Friday: Off
Saturday: Run 2 miles
Sunday: Walk 20 minutes + Strength (to make up for Tuesday)
Hopefully I can figure out this iPhone issue, because I’d really like to wait for the 5 to come out before I replace it! I suppose this means I need to use my real camera and not be lazy. I’ll work on that. 🙂

First up, 5K.

First of all I want to thank Jane for an awesome guest post yesterday! It was so nice of her to help a sister out! And what she wrote totally ties in to today’s previously scheduled post! As you are probably aware, I realized recently that I needed to reevaluate my running goals. I am a beginning runner and I need to remembered that.  I have to start small and aim big one step at a time. So my first step is going to be a 5K.

I have never run in a race before, so I know the 5K will be a great first race. I have done some research, and I’ve decided that Runner’s World‘s Beginning 5K Plan is right for me.  The program is 5 weeks, and looks like a good fit for my current level.

Now this is where the tricky part comes in. I would like to actually sign up and run a real, bona fide 5K! I know what you are thinking, that shouldn’t be too difficult, right? Wrong.

You see, as I have mentioned, I am actively seeking a new job because I have decided to move to the West Coast, San Francisco specifically. If I get a job, and they say be here in two weeks, I will make that happen.

So in order to reach my goal one of two things will happen. I will either run the SF Aloha 5k if I am on the West Coast, run the Stop Cancer 5k on the East Coast OR I will run a the Virtual Stop Cancer 5k, so that its almost as good of a thing as an actual race! 🙂 Hopefully I will know which race I am running before they fill up or the deadlines pass, for the SF one its 2 days before so hopefully its similar for the others. (Can’t find the info on the Stop Cancer 5k site.) All of these races take place September 17, 2011, which I realize is more that 5 weeks away, but I’d like to get to the ability to run the 5k and then be able to run it well, safe, and to have fun!

I am going to start posting my fitness schedule each week to include training and other activities I am doing. This will keep me on track and accountable, and I am sure you will all enjoy it too 😉

When was your first 5K? I’d love to know!

Back to vacation for me, see you in a few days!