With only three weekends left in DC before my big move, I took the opportunity this weekend to relax, hang out with friends and enjoy myself. This meant a little blogging vacation (sorry!), some tasty snacks and a whole lot of wine rain (thanks Irene!)

That being said, I am all sorts of a mess today. I forgot my breakfast and lunch. Forgot my camera. And look like a mess. (Like for real.) Oh and I got pulled over today for not yielding correctly onto the highway, but luckily the cop let me off with just a verbal warning. (He was also a Maryland cop and pulled me over in DC, is that even legal?)

Since I forgot my camera and therefore a lot of my pictures from this weekend, I will just do a mini recap. Ready, set, go!

Friday included four of my favorites S’s: Seaweed Salad, Sushi, Sake + Sapporo with a big group of friends new and old. It was lots of fun, and the food was delicious. We went to Sushi U in the U St Corridor in DC and then went to a few bars afterwards. It was a pretty fun night which made for a painful run on Saturday. But run I did. Approximately 2 miles. In a row. Before I got off and did a little strength of this and that.

Pretend this was mine...

As for food, Saturday morning started with a trip to Dunkin’ Donuts for a Coconut Iced Coffee. It was needed. I also grabbed a mulitgrain bagel with a little reduced fat cream cheese. I also ate a plum when I got back to mi casa. Lunch was a homemade chicken breast sammie with lots lettuce and onions on some Ezekial bread. It was pretty tasty too, probably because of the strip of turkey bacon I put on there. 😉 (Again pictures on my camera. At home. Lame) Dinner included pizza + salad + a glass or two of vino. Hey it was hurricaning outside, I ate what I could get!

Sunday the rain had stopped, so a friend and I headed to brunch at Senart’s Oyster & Chop House on Barracks Row in DC. We decided to share everything, so we ordered oysters (duh,) the Smoked Salmon platter + the Lobster Omelet. It was all delicious.


smoked salmon platter.

lobsta omelet

(Pictures courtesy of my beat up iPhone… better than nada. October please come soon.)

The oysters were awesome, but the salmon platter stole the show in my opinion. It was killer. The chive creme fresh really was the icing on the cake. So good. The lobster omelet was okay. Not enough lobster and wayy too much egg.

After brunch we walked around the city looking at the hurricane damage. Mostly just lots of branches and leaves with an occasional tree here and there that had indeed fallen over. Neither my friend or me lost power, so I suppose we were pretty lucky. It seems quite a few people had no such luck!

Lots of walking and mini stops later, we ended up at a bar to grab a beer + watch the Nats game on TV. They lost. C’est la baseball.

Dinnertime approached, and my friend and I decided since we had made it this far (and we both had no food, and no desire to go to the grocery store) that we should just grab some dinner too. We headed up to H St to check out a place I have been wanting to try before I leave: Granville Moore’s. I think the theme of Sunday was seafood because Granville’s is famous for their moules or mussells!

not my moules....

We ordered the Wedge ‘Caesar’ Salad, Diablo del Mar Moules (littleneck clams, baby Maine shrimp, hand-crafted pappardelle, spicy fennel-saffron broth) + a side of frites. I tried to focus on the mussels over the frites, but a few of them slipped in my mouth, what can I say?

No workout was worked in on Sunday (issues at my gym, not treadmills were available and the trail was crazzzzy from the storm) but I walked a lot at least and will make up for it today. Over all my weekend was fun, a bit indulgent and one for the books (I am a hurricane survivor after all.)

Hope you all had an awesome weekend, have power + didn’t get too much damage from Irene!


Leap of Faith.

Holy crap. Just writing leap of faith as this posts’ title is almost giving me an anxiety attack. As some of you may be aware, I decided a while ago that a big move needed to happen in my life. A big move, cross country, to San Francisco. My timeline was to originally move either by the end of the year (when my lease was up) or when I got a job.

I have been very open and honest about this with my roommate. If I got a job earlier than our lease being over I told her I would have continued to pay my rent until it was up, and since my mom + sister live in the city, I have a place to stay while I am in transition.

Well, last night, my roommate told me that if I move by the end of September or so that one of her friend’s would be willing to do a sublease with me for the remainder of my lease. Meaning I would have no financial ties to my apartment, meaning I could move earlier without a job lined up. But holy crap. Could I do this? Could I pull it off?

While I have been applying to jobs and do have a few strong leads, the process of finding a job when you are not living in the city is hard! A number of times I have had great phone interviews but when they find out I’m not on their coast, I can hear the discouragement in their voices.

My heart is telling me to just do it. Take a leap of faith. I can stay with my mother while I find a job (so no rent,) I am sure I can at least find a waitress job very fast while I am looking for a full-time job, and I know that this is what I want. But its fast! Nothing is for sure. And this would be the biggest leap of faith I’ve ever taken.

Am I crazy to think this is a good idea? Am I crazy to just go? Because I am thinking this is a crazy, good idea that if I don’t do I will regret. I know if I work hard, pursue all the leads I have and budget well, I can make this work. I am going to speak with my roommate tonight to make 100% sure that her friend is 100% committed, and then make a final decision soon. Soon as in like tomorrow! AHH.

What would you do? 


I decided that with all this news and the fact that I did not sleep much at all because of this news and my brain working triple time, to take a personal day. I had a long weekend anyways, so I think it is definitely justifiable. 🙂 Don’t tell on me!

Since I was actually home this morning and had time to make something tasty for breakfast I decided to make an egg sandwich. Yum!

It was fast, easy, and most importantly delicious. I made a the egg patty out of 1 egg + 2 egg whites plus spinach with a small piece of pepper jack cheese and a piece of turkey bacon on top. Placed in the middle of a sandwich thin, it was an awesome breakfast. A plum on the side, that I didn’t actually eat. I was full!

Today I am going to get organized, see if I can figure out this big move and get my butt to the gym!

Have you ever taken a leap of faith?

Le weekend.

My weekend, despite it being longer than normal due to my toe surgery, went by too quickly as usual. Let’s do a quick review, shall we?


1. Woke up, blogged, internet-ed and headed to Starbucks & Einstein Bagels for a quick breakfast for the roommate and me. She’s been so great from driving me to my surgery to wrapping my toe on a daily basis, I thought I’d treat her to breakfast on me. (Starbucks and bagels is a weekend tradition in this household!)

Ice soy skinny (2 pump) vanilla latte + bagel thin, asparagus, mushrooms, egg white and pepper jack cheese.


2. Headed to the pool to get some Vitamin D and a few rays. Read some of my book, The Non-Runner’s Marathon Guide for Women (Gotta keep myself motivated during these two weeks off, so I decided now was the perfect time to read the book to keep me pumped up!) So far, so good if you were wondering 🙂

notice the awesome eastern euro dude in the picture?!

3. Went on a short, 30-minute walk on the path near my apartment, to see how my toe would hold up. It was alright. Somewhat sore today. But glad I got to move a bit.

can't wear closed toed shoes for a few more days...

4. Showered, got dressed, headed to Ray’s Hell Burger (which is amazing, if you live in the DC area, go!, best burgers in town!) & then to a showing of Harry Potter (in 3D!) I loved the movie. I have read all the books, several times, and am not ashamed to call myself a huge fan. I went with a friend I’ve seen the last few movies with, so it was fun to chat about the movies afterwards over a beer at a bar nearby. I won’t ruin anything, but basically go see it. Now!

Turkey burger with sauteed onions, lettuce, & smoked mozzarella. Also had a few sweet potato fries on the side and maybe a beer or 2!


Overall, I had a pretty great Saturday if I do say so myself.


1.  Woke up, had an easy breakfast, read some blogs, internet-ed some more.

Whole wheat waffles, PB, chia seeds, and fruit salad on the side...

..until I threw some kiwi on top for fun!

2. A few hours at the pool, more reading, an easy lunch, more sun until some clouds scared me away.

Sandwich thin, cucumbers, hummus, spinach, turkey, pepper jack cheese (+ a few Baked Lays on the side.)

3. Grocery shopped till I dropped then came home, had a snack and attempted to re-install Windows on my laptop. It half worked. Going to bring it in to work tomorrow and see if one of my guy friends can take a look 🙂 Thankfully I have my work laptop at home so I am not computerless!

Kashi cinnamon harvest + half banana + handful of blueberries + almond milk ( I was starving! I blame the sun!)

4. Cooked dinner, which took way longer than I suspected, and finally ate around 8:30pm! Thank goodness for my afternoon snack or I would have been dying! Also had a few bites of Neapolitan out of the container for a sweet fix.

Baked shells with turkey sausage, zuccini, mushrooms, onions, red pepper, onion, garlic stuffing + low-fat mozzarella & marinara on top. Salad on the side.

All in all it was a pretty good, laid back weekend, which is just what I needed with my toe not fully functioning yet. I hope this week to get some walks in and start a strength program since I can’t start running again until the doc says its okay, probably after my follow up appointment on the 28th. Wish me a speedy recovery! Hope no one has a case of the Mondays tomorrow…


I’ve been laid up pretty much all day. It was quite difficult sleeping last night because my toe hurt so badly. I even took a sleeping pill and it was hard to sleep, so today I have taken it really easy in hopes that tonight will be better. Cross your fingers for me.

Today’s eats have been repeats. Yesterday’s breakfast for breakfast, yesterday’s dinner for lunch, and a few small snacks here and there to make sure my stomach doesn’t get upset from all the Advil I am taking. (I have a pretty sensitive stomach when it comes to taking pills.)

I was so grateful today that I have had such a great distraction via this new, blogging community I have joined. I’m still new to it and I am still learning the ropes so to speak, but readying through people’s posts and seeing what they have overcome always puts a smile on my face.

I decided today to do a little upgrade and drop the ‘wordpress’ from my blog URL. So if you have subscribed in a reader make sure to update it, although I think that this blog is still linked to both since I did it all through WordPress. I am not that fancy yet, as you can probably imagine!

Off the top of your heads, is there anything else I need to do? Any suggestions are totally welcome 🙂

I also took away the bright colors. There were a bit bright for me. Something plain and simple now, but I have ideas for the future, if I can ever walk again 😉

Definitely staying in for the night, but tomorrow I have big plans to see Harry Potter (yes, I love it, do not judge!) Did I mention I am seeing it in 3D? I am that girl, and I don’t care! I don’t dress up though. But I do love seeing other’s costumes. Very fun!

Wish me luck that I sleep better tonight! Wishing everyone a Happy Friday!


Quick Run.

Yesterday I was feeling pretty blah all day. I woke up with the intention of running but just felt so groggy an sluggish that I decided to catch an extra hour of zzz’s and run when I got home from work.

I made myself breakfast, another repeat of the two days before but with a little mix up in the cereal combo. I thought since it has treated me well the two days before it might help wipe the blah off my face.

In the mix:

  • 1/2 cup Kashi Heart to Heart Honey Toasted Cereal
  • 1/2 cup Kashi Go Lean Crunch
  • 2/3 cup fat free milk
  • frozen blueberries
  • half of a banana
  • almond slivers
  • chia seeds

I live the cinnamon harvest much better, but I gotta show some love to the honey toasted too at times!

I headed to work feeling better, and worked my way through lunch. How people get a snack in between breakfast and lunch is beyond me. I mean to be honest, I wish I could because by 11 I am usually hungry, but don’t want to eat because lunch is only an hour away. I suppose I should just make myself a snack at 10 but I don’t usually remember. C’est la vie I suppose. I’ll figure it out one day 😉

For lunch I was invite by some co-workers to go to Baja Fresh, so I quickly hopped on the website before going to see what the best bet for me was there. I was in the mood for a good, hearty salad, so I was excited to see that the Baja Ensalada is pretty good for you.


I decided to order the Charbroiled Shrimp Baja Ensalada with a side of guacamole.

Quick snap shot before the rest of my table arrived...

I ended up removing all the tortilla strips on top and adding jalapenos, a squeeze of lime, and some salsa verde (my favorite) on top instead of getting dressing on the salad. Salsa is dressing! And so much better for you than fatty salad dressings. Delicioso!

Much to my dismay, we headed back to work. Friday afternoon are always so productive for me.  (Read: are not productive at all!) A few hours later I decided to have a snack in hopes it would perk me up from my afternoon slug-a-thon.

I tend to forget about kiwis, but they are so tasty!

It was raining cats and dogs when I left work so I dashed to my car and made my 30 45 minute drive home. Those extra 15 minutes (and the whole not being able to see out my front window at one point) made me quite cranky on the way home. I must have woke up on the wrong side of the bed, because it was Friday and I was still all cranky and sluggish! What gives?

I got home and did not want to run. I had already put it off in the AM and was still not feeling it. I told myself I just had to do a quick run. 2 miles. That it would help my mood and allow me to still get a run in for the day. I put my gym clothes on and headed to the gym.

I have no idea where the machine gets "Average Heart Rate" from, I don't even grip on the handles...

I decided to walk .25 miles at 4.0 and then run for 1.5 miles at 5.0 and then finish by walking the last .25 between 4.0 and 3.7. The 25 minute run totally pushed me out of my funk and I was feeling so much better. I think I’m beginning to like this whole runner’s high 😉 I’m still slow, but I am improving every run, which is what count’s in my book!

I came back from the gym and the roommate had made dinner.

Lemon pepper chicken, whole wheat pasta and broccolini broccoli. It was pretty tasty, even tastier because I didn’t have to make it! 😀

I ran out to Marshall’s after dinner to see if I could find some good sports bras. I need new ones that are more supportive because I only seem to want to wear my Lululemon one and I am sure that is not great for the one nice sports bra I have. No luck at Marshall’s. Any suggestions on where else I could go?

When I got home I got couch, popped in a Redbox, scooped up a little bowl of churned ice cream for dessert (topped with half a banana) and called it a night.

I told you I was looking forward to a lazy weekend. I also finished The Kennedy’s mini-series last night. I really liked it actually. I know there was some controversy over it when it first came out, but I thought overall it was done quite well. I am not one for politics, so I will leave it at that.

This morning I woke up, started the laundry, french pressed some coffee (was in the mood for hot today,) and made an easy breakfast.

Two whole wheat waffles, one topped with almond butter the other with peanut butter, with banana on top.

On the agenda for the day:

  • Laundry
  • Run
  • Pool
Good Saturday in my book. Not sure if I’ll do anything tonight. We’ll see! Sometimes I just love a lazy weekend! (Which is probably why I’ll be single forever. I kid, I kid.) Happy Weekend!