1200 miles down…

1600(ish) to go.

I’ll be back soon, I promise!


All My Bags are Packed…

…and I’m ready to go!

5 HUGE boxes shipped today.

6 plastic bins ready to go.

Suitcases (mostly) packed.

Countless donation bags donated.

Countless trash bags trashed.

Oil to be changed tomorrow.

To Chicago I’ll drive Saturday, and then onwards West!

See you soon, San Francisco!


I promise I’ll be back to regularly scheduled blogging soon! Hopefully I will find some internet while on the road + can give you a proper update of how crazy these last few weeks have been. Until then, happy Thursday and we shall chat soon!

Hot Oats.

Rainy days all week have meant hot oatmeal and hot coffee for breakfast all week. I love hot oats + I love hot coffee. Now, please do not get me wrong, I love me some iced coffee as well, but there is something about a hot cup of coffee that makes me a happy lady. It’s the little things in life some times.

Trader Joe’s Heart Healthy Whole Grain Cranberry Instant Oats (with Flaxseed + Plant Sterols) + banana + scoop of crunchy peanut butter  + chia seeds.

Basically happiness in a bowl. 

This weekend its go time. Packing, donating, tossing, selling. Out with the old + in with the new. Hopefully I will be able to squeeze in a nice dinner with friends. That’s all that I want before I go.

What are you plans this weekend?



A little bit of this + a little bit of that:

1. More raindrops in DC today. Lots + lots of rain drops.
2. My move date moved up to the 17th from the 19th (8 days away.)
3. Less days to pack = one crazy, tired Jane. (It’s still worth it.)
4. First real race has been postponed (again) until I arrive in San Francisco.
5. Life (as a whole) seems to be on hold until San Francisco.
6. I am getting really excited to start my new chapter in San Francisco.
7. I turn 27 approximately 1 week after I move.
8. I think my 27th year is going to be my best year yet.
9. I think San Francisco is going to be my best chapter yet.
10. I promise there are lots of fun, exciting things to come + I promise it includes actually finding my healthy, happy balance.

PS: Delicious pho today for lunch. Hot soup on rainy days = perfection. 

Turkey + Veggie Stuffed Shells.

Hello, hello + happy hump day! It has been DOWN POURING here in DC all day. It’s dark and cloudy, and just overall not nice. I ran around like a crazy person at work today which was also not nice – whoever said quitting was easy has never had to create a transition plan. This is not fun! In my craziness, I even forgot to eat breakfast. The most important, not to mention my favorite, meal of the day. I was le sad (+ le hungry.)

Luckily, I brought lunch to work today, which means I at least did not have to venture outside into the storm.

stuffed salads + lite caesar salad

Last night I made stuffed shells, which is my roommates’ all time favorite recipe, so I walked her step by step through the process. I promised I show her before I left, so it has been on my to do list. (Check!) It’s kind of a concoction I have created perfected over the last few years but basically it is as followed.

Turkey + Veggie Stuffed Shells
A Broccolini + Cheese Original 

– 1 package (4-5 links) loose turkey sausage
– 1 package jumbo spaghetti shells (I use whole wheat.)
– 2 jars spaghetti sauce (Use your favorite kind!)
– 1ish TBSP EVVO
– 1 8oz package low-fat mozzarella cheese
– 1 green zucchini, diced
– 1 yellow squash, diced
– 1 small yellow onion, diced
– 1 package baby bella mushrooms, diced
– 1 bell pepper, diced
– 4-6 cloves garlic, minced
– dried herbs, salt + pepper to taste

1. Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees.
2. Dice all the veggies (zucchini through garlic) + sautee on stove top with the EVVO. (I usually add a one vegetable group at a time for even sauteing.)
3. Separate turkey sausage meat from casing + brown on stop top. (Use a spatula to create small chunks of the meat just slightly larger than the size of the vegetables.)
4. Boil water + cook jumbo shells as directed for “el dente”
5. Combine sausage + vegetable mix and add in whatever herbs and spices you love the most plus salt + pepper to taste. (If I am feeling lazy I love Trader Joe’s 21 Seasoning Salute or Herbs de Provence. Both perfect!)
6. When sells are ready, strain water and rinse with cool water. (Those babies get hot!)
7. Stuff shells with sausage-veggie mix and place in a large baking pan.
8. Pour sauce over shells and sprinkle mozzarella over the top.
9. Cover pan with foil + place in pre-heated oven for 30 minutes or until sauce is boiling!
10. Enjoy!

I wish I had taken pictures, but the tutorial with my roommate was already a lot and made this go a bit slower than I like! But I am always happy to share food with friends 🙂

Anyways, its late + I have yet to eat dinner! Probably more stuffed shells and salad for me. (Trying not to buy too much food before I leave!)