Come away with me.

Hello! And yes I know, it has been a while. But I have taken the time to do a little thinking. What I have realized however is that this blog is just not me.I do miss writing and sharing though and being apart of a big blogging community which I love. So I have decided to start a different blog about my life and the things that I love – wine, food & pretty things. Are you shocked? I am sure you aren’t. I think healthy living is about having a healthy life, and healthy to me means celebrating  life and living it to the fullest. I am still trying to find that healthy balance, some days are of course better than others, but what I do know that is if you cannot celebrate life with wine, food and pretty things, then what is there to be happy about!

So if you are interested in following my new adventure in the city by the Bay while I dream of French Laundry tasting menus and bottles of Opus One, not to mention Anthropologie by the bag full, then head over to It’s not much yet, but I hope it will be something that is, well, just me. Also, if you were following me on Twitter, my new handle is @janepfrank.

Much love & thanks for helping me find this great place in life. I hope to see you soon. XOXO



Over the weekend, I spent the majority of my time preparing for my move to San Francisco. As I was going through my things deciding what goes and what stays, I had a lot of time to think about the past 9 months of my life. The time I spent in this apartment. The amount of time since my breakup with my old boyfriend (whom I was living with before.) The amount of time I’ve question whether staying in DC was right for me. And what I’ve realized is, is that the last 9 months to me have really felt like a state of limbo.

I’ve always been a planner. I’ve always had a boyfriend (you know what I mean.) And I’ve always known my next step. But first the first time in my whole life, I didn’t know what to plan, I didn’t have a boyfriend and I had no idea what my next step was going to be. I tried planning. I tried dating. I tried figuring out my next step. But none of it felt right. DC didn’t feel right. Life didn’t feel right.

I went to San Francisco in May for my sister Katie’s engagement party, and all of a sudden, something clicked. I still didn’t have a plan. I still didn’t have a boyfriend. But I knew my next step was figuring out a way to get back to California.

To move to San Francisco.

To start over. 

Suddenly things really began falling into place. I felt like I had direction. I feel like I had a new plan, a kind of plan I’ve never had before. A plan that involved trusting my instincts and not necessarily having everything 100% in place. Before I knew it, within two weeks I had an amazing phone interview, with a great company, headquartered in San Francisco, and a person that was willing to sub-lease my apartment. Life was falling into place, and I could tell my next step was happening and I didn’t even have time to plan it.

In 5 short days I am getting in my (tightly packed) car and heading West. I still only have half a plan. (I am hoping something comes out of that amazing phone interview, I’ll have an in person interview once I get into town.) And no boyfriend. (But I think I am actually okay with this. San Francisco, start lining them up. 😉 ) But I think my next step, is going to be the best step for me yet.

I have a great feeling that this next chapter in my life, is going to be the best chapter in my life. I’m going to get healthy + find that balance I have been struggling for here in DC. I am going to be happy, I mean how can I not being in a city with friends and family.  And most importantly, I am going to continue to let life show my course, and trust that each decision that I make brings me to where I am supposed to be in life.

(Back to regularly scheduled blogging soon. Just needed to get that out. I am exciting for the things to come, and I am excited to share them with you all.)


First things first. I officially quit my job today! AKA holy moly!! It was an awkward moment between my boss and I, but I think he understands. Either way, its official. I am leaving this place and moving on up West.

Secondly, I meant to post my third week schedule and second week recap of my 5K training yesterday, but then I got sucked in to watching a Lifetime Movie that basically took over my evening.

Last weeks 5K training went okay, but as I think I’ve mentioned I missed out on my “long run.” By long I mean 2.5 miles, which I know there are so many of you out there training for marathons and here I am complaining about the demands of my 5K training, but with only so many weeks left here in DC, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed, especially since the race I was hoping to run is the day before I leave for California, but more on that later, here’s how it went overall last week:

Monday: 2 miles
Tuesday: 15 minute run + Strength training
Wednesday: Interval walk/run (3 minute warm up; 3 mins @ 5.8 + 1 min @ 3.8 until I hit 2 miles plus 3 minute cool down.)
Thursday: 20 minute run
Friday: Off
Saturday: 2.5 mile run 20 minute run + Strength training
Sunday: Off 2(ish) mile walk

See, okay. But nothing to write home about. At least I added in some strength training (mostly upper body + abs.)

As a reminder, this is the plan I am loosely following. So this week will hopefully look something like this plus two days of strength training thrown in:

Monday: Off
Tuesday: 20 minute run
Wednesday: Run/Walk intervals
Thursday: 25 minute run
Friday: Run/Walk intervals
Saturday: Off
Sunday: 2.75 mile run

Overall, every time I run, I do feel better. I do however need to run outside more, which hopefully I can start doing now that it’s getting a little cooler out. Back to the date of my 5K though. When I first started this plan I committed to running a 5K no matter what on September 17th. Well, now as fate shall have it, I am leaving for California just 2 days after. I have a feeling my work will want to throw me a happy hour on the 16th, meaning I am not going to be up to running on the 17th?

Bottom line: I do not want to set myself up for failure. I still want to run it on the 17th like I said, but I want to run it and run it well. I feel like so many things on this blog that I have committed to have not worked out as planned + while I realize that is what this blog is about, finding my way to this new lifestyle of balance. I am not going to lie. I have been frustrated. With myself. I have a feeling once I get back to California and get settled, I am going to feel 100% better in regards to health + happiness. I just know. So should I wait until I get back to run a 5K? Maybe on the 2nd of October and bump it up to a 7K race? (There is one that day in San Francisco!)

What do you all think? I would appreciate any opinions you have! So please, help a sister out!! I am a little lost and have a lot to do before I leave here in 3 short weeks!

What would you do?


Yesterday, I really wanted to have an overall really good day after my weekend of a little fun. However, as I said, I started my day on the wrong foot by forgetting my breakfast + lunch AND by getting pulled over!

I decided to swing by Subway and get my faithful egg white patty + veggies sandwich. At around 300 calories, I really think its my favorite breakfast on the go. (Although I prefer to make them at home, if you can actually believe that!

Lunch was another on the go, but this time I hit up Whole Foods for their salad bar, and two grab a few things for dinner!

I love WF salad’s bar. I always seem to go for a Mediterranean themed salad. And it never leads me stray. I tried the Garlicky Kale for the first time too. DELISH!

Dinner was baked BBQ chicken, roasted asparagus + some whole grain rice on the side. Perfectly simple, but so good. It really hit the spot.

I’ll try not to get sucked into any lame movies tonight and make it back for today’s meals! Hope you are all having a great Tuesday!

My Monty.

About a year and a half ago, my then boyfriend and I decided to adopt two adorable little kittens. We thought long and hard on names, and somehow ended up naming them Gadget + Monty after the Rescue Rangers. (Yes, we loved us some Disney Afternoon when we were both kids, what can I say.)

Gadget on the left, Monty on the right.

They were the cutest little kittens, and when we ended our relationship we decided that he would keep them for now because my new roommate already had a cat and 3 cats in 1 apartment would be a bit much. 

Monty playing in the covers.

Monty sleeping on the warm radiator.

Kitty dinner time.

I loved to go visit them though and cat sat when he was out of town. (I am lucky we had a pretty civil breakup.) There was talk of me taking the cats when I moved depending on things. They are great cats (and I am not really even a cat person,) and I wish I had introduced them to you all before now, because now that I am its because one of my little kitties has passed away.

Gadget is the big spoon, Monty is the little spoon.

I am really sad to say that Monty got very sick, and without going into details, he passed away on Friday afternoon. 

I spent the weekend hanging out with my ex (we are still friends so its not that strange) and just celebrating the little guy’s short life. I didn’t take any pictures, but I did eat some delicious fish, oysters, and other tasty snacks in memory of him. We have fun telling stories of when they were little and all the funny things they did when they were kitties. And then I spent time hanging out with Gadget playing with her and having fun because she’s a bit of a lonely kitty.

This post is dedicated to Monty, aka Monster (his nickname,) one of the two of the best cats ever. You are already missed.