Quit Party 2011

As you probably know, I quit my job yesterday! And boy could I not be more relieved. Quitting is never fun, especially since I do love my boss (I just don’t love my job.) ¬†I tried to get #quitparty2011 trending on Twitter yesterday, as this girl and me both participated in the event, but alas, no such luck. Maybe next time ūüėČ

After work I squeezed in a quick 20 minute run and then headed out to celebrate with some friends. I have been doing wayy to much celebrating lately, but that will die down when I get to San Francisco, so I am not going to focus too much on that. I have a lot going on right now so I’m just focusing on healthy eating during the day and getting my runs in.

But I am getting a head of myself. Let’s start with yesterday’s breakfast. I woke up and was craving a yogurt bowl. Irene left my building with no AC (a huge tree fell on the building’s main AC¬†thingumabob) so I woke up a little warm and craving cool.

In the mix was Honey Nonfat Greek Yogurt, Trader Joe’s Low Fat Granola, half a banana, some cut up strawberries + chia seeds on top. It hit the spot!

For lunch, my friend from work was nice enough to give me some of the lunch he had made himself (he had a LOT!) I was really interested in trying it too because A) I didn’t have a lunch + B) It was made with Tofu Shirataki Noodles which I have been meaning to try! The noodles were made with a homemade Thai-esque sauce with carrots, onions + garlic.

While the noodles were a little slimy, they were really tasty and took the flavor of the sauce. Plus at 40 calories for an ENTIRE package that is something I can get on board with. Shirataki cooking experiments to come!

I also had a mediocre peach for an afternoon snack. It was not ripe enough!

Now where was I before, oh right, I headed out with friends to celebrate. We headed to my favorite local bar in DC and had a celebratory beer to start. A Yeungling to be exact. I’ve never seen this out west, so I figured while still in Rome…

Afterwards we went to a friends’ apartment for a delicious dinner + a glass or two of wine. First up was a Spanish meat and cheese plate for us. So good. I love meat + cheese. What can I say? I hardly ever eat stuff like this, so I had a few pieces which were awesome.

The lighting in the apartment is terrible. Just a warning! The next picture, of our main course is worse, but its worth sharing so you have some sort of visual on the concoction that was dinner.

Veal chop with cheese AND bacon on top,¬†puccini noodles +¬†sauteed¬†spinach with carrots in a¬†paprika¬†sauce. Holy yum. I probably only ate a third of my plate (soo much food!) but it was really good and tasty! And actually, despite the cheese and bacon and sauces etc, the chef claimed that he really tried to make it as healthy as possible. We shall see what the scale says ūüėČ

I love when someone cooks a homemade meal for me. It seems like I am always the one that does the cooking!

Do you cook mostly at home or does someone cook for you?


Hurriquake’s a Comin’.

In case you live in a hole and didn’t know, Hurriquake Hurricane Irene is headed up the East Coast and impending doom is upon us.


Okay, maybe not impending doom, but lots of rain, lots of wind + a hole bunch of scary things that come with those two things. I have water, candles, a flashlight and enough peanut butter food to last me for a while, so I think I should be okay. But if I am not posting this weekend, you know why!

I’ve received a ton of emails about being prepared, which is always something that you should be before a hurricane. I personally saw first hand the effects a hurricane can have on an area when I volunteered in New Orleans post-Hurricane Katrina. So when in doubt, play it safe and be smart!¬†I don’t think this hurricane will be quite as bad, but you never know!

In New Orleans volunteering post-Katrina.


Last nights dinner came courtesy (well, I paid but…) of one of my favorite local bars. I headed there after work with a co-worker, and one two beers later I was starving and needed¬†subsistence. I got a side salad and we shared a cheese steak with lots of onions and peppers with¬†provolone¬†cheese. Not the best dinner, but at least the salad helped balance it out a bit. (I took a picture but the lighting was horrible, so you will just need to use your¬†imagination.)

I haven’t been doing so great with eating all around healthy dinners this week. Grocery shopping was a bust which resulted in eating out way too much. I have a feeling this may be the case until I leave with trying to squeeze in last visits,etc., but at least if I can have a salad at each meal (with healthy dressing) at least there is that.

Since my dinners haven’t been super healthy, I have been trying to at least keep my breakfasts + lunches in check. Since I still was out of food today, ¬†I stopped at Starbucks on my way into work and picked up an Iced Soy Misto and a cup of their Perfect Oatmeal.

I got all three toppings they offer (nuts, dried fruit + brown sugar) and used about half of each except for the brown sugar, I used about one-third. It hit the spot. I love me some oatmeal, and Starbucks, I do believe this is perfect (at least for on the go!)

Lunchtime rolled around and I headed to the supermarket to pick up a few hurricane supplies. I decided to¬†multi-task and get a sandwich from the deli counter. I ordered a whole thinking I could save the other half for lunch this weekend. Well I certainly have lunch for this weekend and then some because this is the biggest sandwich I’ve probably ever seen.

I ordered the Italian Sub with lots of lettuce, onions, peppers, pickles, etc., with a splash of olive oil and vinegar. Ginormous is the only word I can use to describe this. I had one forth to myself and had a big bite out of another forth before giving that to a co-worker that went with me to the store. I basically have more than another whole sandwich left and the whole thing only cost me $6. Yes, six bucks! Insanity.

I am off for the night, heading into DC to get dinner and probably get into a little trouble! ūüėČ Have a great weekend + be safe all you East Coasters!!

I’m Going Going, Back Back…

… To Cali, Cali!

I’m sure if you follow me on¬†twitter, you have probably guessed by now that I decided to take the leap and move to San Francisco!

I am excited, scared, anxious, happy, overwhelmed but ready to take this head on.

Oh and by the way, I need to be out of my apartment by September 20th!!! While this is so soon, its okay because that means I will be home by my birthday (September 30th) and that means I am going to be started my 27th year off fresh and focused in the state I want to be it. And that has to be a good sign.

I have a lot to do in less than a month, but I know I can get it done. Probably the only thing I know for sure as of this moment is that I will be driving. Hopefully this is my last cross country road trip ever because it is definitely not my first.

I will keep you all in the loop as I go, but I just want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all of you who had the nicest words of encouragement to say to me. I appreciated them all so much and they really did give me that extra push to make this decision.

So with all that being said, here goes nothing!! California here I come!


It was so nice yesterday to be able to make lunch in my own kitchen. I think this is my new dream. Making lunch at home everyday. I am going to try to live as close to my new office as possible (you know when I get my dream job after I land in SF next month) so I can walk home for lunch.

I whipped up a pretty tasty salad complete with lettuce, onion, cucumber, feta (fat free,) hummus guacamole, a slice of turkey + a strip of turkey bacon.¬†I also put a little Trader Joe’s Fat Free Balsamic on top. First time having this + I loved it!

A little while later I had a snack of banana + Dark Chocolate PB + chia seeds. Yum, yum + more yum.

A little while after my snack I headed to the gym for my 2 miles that I needed to make up for after missing it this weekend. And you know what? It felt so good. I think with all my news, I just needed to run! I warmed up and planned on running 1 mile, doing a breather and then doing the other, but at 1 mile I knew I could do more so I kept on running until I was at 2 miles. It felt pretty good! I cooled down, and did some upper body strength work (lat pull downs, rows, chest press + some ab work) and called it a workout.

I made a quick + easy dinner afterwards of whole wheat pasta,¬†zucchini, mushrooms, onions, garlic + chicken sausage with some olive oil on top. Oh + a sprinkle of freshly grated¬†parmesan. ūüôā

I also had a I’m-moving-back-to-California-celebratory glass of wine, + I ended my night with one of these.

Have you ever driven cross country? Favorite route? I think I know which way I’m going but I probably won’t share until I get to CA! (Safety first!)


My oh my, where has the day gone? Today has been super crazy at work! This is the first second I have had to myself! I woke up this morning LATE! I mean super late. Have to leave in 10 minutes late. Luckily I had showered the night before, so I threw some clothes on, threw some food in a bag and headed out the door.

But I am getting ahead of myself, aren’t I. Let’s talk about Sunday. Oh Sunday, how I miss you so much. I love Sundays. I usually don’t try to plan much on Sundays, I usually just go with the flow. I love waking up in the morning, making a simple, tasty breakfast and try to just lounge around for a bit before deciding on my ‘to dos’ for the day.

I decided on a Whole Wheat English Muffin with White Chocolate Peanut Butter + Chia seeds, with berries on the side. Easy yet delicious. A great combo in my book.

I relaxed on the couch for a while, and decided to start some laundry, and clean up around the apartment a bit. Around noon my roommate and I headed out to run errands – on the agenda lunch, Target, grocery store + Trader Joe’s! We decided to get in all in at once so we could get it over with.

Lunch was at Einstein Bagel’s. I got a BLT with Avocado on a Bagel Thin with Turkey Bacon instead of regular. (Picture = too blurry to post.) It was okay. The guy making it forgot the sun dried tomato spread so it was a bit bland. C’est la vie. I got a Iced Skinny Vanilla Latte from Starbucks to make up for my bland sammie and to get a little caffeine in before our massive shopping trip.

After running around like mad women, we headed back to apartment to organize our goodies. Just basics and groceries, but all needed! I snacked on a Luna Bar and a small piece of Port Salute cheese (one of my favorites) and let it digest a bit before heading the gym to finally do Stage 1 Workout B of NROLFW.

NROLFW Stage 1 Workout B consists of 5 strength exercises:

  • Dead lift¬†(2 x 15 reps @ 40lbs – you are suppose to use a barbell, but my gym does not have one that is not attached to a machine, so I used two 20lb weights)
  • Dumbbell¬†Shoulder Press (2 x 15 reps @ 10lbs each hand)
  • Wide-grip lat pull down (2 x 15 reps @ 50lbs)
  • Lunge (2 x 15 reps @ 10lbs in each hand – 20lbs total)
  • Swiss ball crunch ( 2 x 8 reps – I did 15 reps each time on accident.)
Its a short, compact workout, but I sure am feeling it today. Which in Jane terms means it must be working… right?!
After my workout it was a bit early but I decided to start dinner. I sauteed up asparagus, mushrooms, peppers, onions + garlic plus lots of spices and a little olive oil in a pan and added in some garlic chicken + Gruyere sausage. I boiled some whole wheat rotini and mixed it all together calling it a quick and easy dinner.
I think I subconsciously made dinner quite early because I had been craving FroYo all week. SO many bloggers out there talking about how good its been, and I just discovered a shop by me that I have been wanting to try. Early dinner means more dessert, right?!
The roommate and I headed to Yogiberry which is located in Shirlington. It’s almost as good as Yogurtland, but not quite! I decided to get a mix of Cake Batter and Oreo with a lot of fruit on top + a bit of almond slivers and mini chips.
It hit the spot. So good! I don’t think I have had froyo in about a year (I know) so I was happy to have it in my belly again ūüôā
Thank goodness Sunday was so great, because we are back to Monday now, and today has been a real kick in the butt! Lots of work, lots of meetings, and lots of realizing that I need to start upping my employment applications so I can get to the West Coast ASAP.
This post is long enough, so I’ll be back later with today’s eats. I’m heading home to get a workout in (T-3 days till I know if I can start running again!)
Do you like froyo? What’s your favorite combo?
I personally LOVE getting Reese’s PB Cups on top, but they didn’t have any last night! Probably a good thing ūüėČ

Keeping the Ladies in Check.

Lunch at Whole Foods today was super delicious. Not only did I get an amazing salad, I picked up more blueberries, some mangos, some Lara + Luna Bars, and some Port Salute cheese. (You know I love me some cheese – special weekend treat coming up!)

I always feel like a little kid in a candy store while at the WF salad bar. So many toppings and yummy things to choose from, but all healthy and delicious! I meant to snap a photo of the bar, but I was just too excited. In fact, pictures today were just not good. I should work on this.

I went for a Mediterranean feel for my salad today: greens, garbanzos, whole wheat tabbouleh, chicken, red onions, artichokes, cucumber, carrots, olives, feta (of course,) a little Greek coleslaw, and some strawberries for a touch of sweet. All topped with balsamic and a little Mediterranean olive oil style dressing. I ate every bite with pure, WF loving joy.

A little later in the afternoon, one of my co-workers received an Edible Arrangement for her birthday, so she was kind enough to spread the love.

I had just a little – piece of pineapple, a few grapes, and two strawberries (one covered in dark chocolate.) A perfect afternoon snack after a big old salad for lunch!

I had to work a little later tonight than normal and my roommate was kind enough to make some dinner for us, fresh off the stove in fact when I walked through the door. While I would have included something green in the dish, the pork chops with apple slices and cous cous on the side was pretty good, even better since I didn’t have to cook!

I know, I know the picture is insanely bad. 

A little after dinner I had a small serving of my (current) favorite churned ice cream, more Neapolitan, which Bella, my¬†roommate’s¬†cat was pretty¬†interested¬†in too. I wasn’t sharing though. ūüėõ

"I wanted that you know."

I decided my scheduled walk could wait until tomorrow because my toe has been a bit sore¬†today. I guess Tuesday was my rest day this week, since I didn’t schedule one in. Rest is good! Especially when one’s toe needs to heal well and, hopefully, fast! It seems to be doing pretty good overall, but I can’t over do it, or I feel it. Strength training today was enough, she says! And I listened ūüôā (Yes, I did just say my toe spoke, what’s it to you?)

Now on to an important topic. My ladies. Yes, you read that correctly because I’d like to take the time to talk to you about over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders, or sports bras. Now, let’s just say I do not have small boobs. They aren’t huge by any means, but they¬†definitely¬†need some good support when I run. Sports bras that provide actual support are expensive, if you weren’t aware! My favorite is a Lululemon one that I believe cost me around $48. ¬†While I love it, I just cannot spend $50 for 7 bras at once. Because realistically, this is the only bra that keeps my ladies tamed!

I decided to order three new sports bras from See Jane Run that were on sale and an awesome deal at that, each coming out to around $20 each after I found a pretty awesome coupon on the interwebz. (Side note: search for coupon codes for every online purchase you make! There is always something!)

 I ended up getting one by Adidas and two by Moving Comfort.

(Here, here + here.)

Hopefully these work out well, keep my ladies in check, and continue to stay on sale so I can buy more of the one I like best! ūüėÄ I have high hopes and they had good reviews, so cross your tatas fingers for me ladies!

What over the shoulder boulder holder sports bra do you find work best for you?