Oh what a weekend.

Well, I was a pretty bad blogger this weekend, wasn’t I? Let’s just say, I went on a staycation. On Friday night I headed out to my friend’s birthday party and I did not get back until Sunday. No, no nothing¬†scandalous. Just spent the weekend hanging out with friends and instead of heading home just crashed at a friend’s house in the city. Sometimes its nice to just get out of the house and relax, especially after a crazy week at work. I will not bore you with a weekend of food posts, but just know it involved good ol’ fashion BBQs, sandwiches, and a big bowl of cereal on Sunday night. Oh and maybe a few of these.

I also watched a lot of movies and TV shows. Mad Men has become a real problem. There are four seasons on Netflix, and I have this small problem that once I start a TV show, I cannot stop watching it. Check it out. You will be hooked too. ūüėČ

Overall I can honestly say that despite the ‘having more beers that I probably should have’ I didn’t eat too crazy this weekend. I tried to have small portions of all the good stuff, and big portions of veggies (grilled¬†zucchini¬†anyone?) and fruits (how good are¬†mangoes¬†right now?!)

Monday morning came hard and it came fast though. Luckily I had a 9am appointment at an office about 10 minutes from mi casa, so I got to sleep in a little later than normal. Every minute counts, especially on Mondays!

I woke up and started my day with something I knew would kick my week off to a good start. Two whole wheat waffles, two peanut butters (dark and white chocolate of course,) half a banana and chia seeds (my new secret weapon to hydration. Seriously, if I start the day of with chias, I feel more hydrated throughout the day. True story.) I had it with a nice glass of iced tea on the side.

I go through kicks where I like iced tea better than iced coffee, make that hot tea and hot coffee as well. I am definitely on an iced tea kick. Brewing it at home and adding a splash of Crystal Light lemonade to it. So refreshing.

Work was crazy as usual today. But I am beginning to feel more confident that the date in my head is going to happen and that gives me hope that I just finish up what I am doing and move on my merry way out West. I think the staycation helped my positive thinking, which is excellent news in my book.

Lunch came around and since I played hooky all weekend I decided to go to the grocery store and kill two birds with once stone: grab lunch and something for dinner. I picked up some supplies for grilled chicken salad for dinner and headed to the deli counter for a panini. When in doubt, grocery stores usually have great sandwiches, and this one did not fail me. I ended up ordering the Turkey Reuben Panini and a small Broccoli Salad.

Can you believe that is only half of both! I have lunch waiting for me in the fridge at work tomorrow. The broc salad was crunchy and delish. Just a light dressing on top. And the panini was great. Not too much dressing on this either.

Lunch left me feeling satisfied all afternoon until these two little guys showed up on my desk. It was a fun little treat, not going to lie.

Have I mentioned that I love dark chocolate? Even more than milk chocolate. True story.

I headed home from work around 5:30 and chatted with my sister while driving home. I am getting so excited about Cape Cod. We chatted about day trips, beach trips, and most importantly, food!

I got home and got on the treadmill. The doctor cleared me to begin running again as of yesterday, so I was excited to get a run in. I wanted to take it slow and easy since it was my first run in almost 3 weeks! I decided to do a half hour on the treadmill alternating between 2:30 of running (@5.5) and walking (@4.0.) The run/walk combo really worked up a sweat and was a great intro back (2.25 miles.).

I really need to figure out more of a game plan for my running. I think I have a plan, but want to do a little more research before putting anything out there. Any tips for newbie runners like myself? What makes me the most excited is that I was excited to get a run in today, and I am excited to make a plan and to take it day by day until I am (hopefully) running a marathon! Baby steps though baby steps ūüôā

I also did Workout B of Stage 1 of NROLFW. This is now my forth time doing it and I am already feeling stronger… if that is even possible. Cardio + strength left me feeling 100% good.

Dinner was of course a grilled chicken salad. Quick, easy, but oh so good. Fresh red leaf romaine, grilled chicken (courtesy of my Mean Lean Grilling Machine,) cucumbers, strawberries (my new salad favorite,) red onion, carrots, a little feta and some low-fat Greek dressing. Perfect dinner after a good workout.

After dinner I turned on the Bachelorette (even though I hadn’t seen a single episode all season) and got hooked for approximately 2 hours and 7,000 awkward moments. I couldn’t stop watching, it sucked me!

I also caught up on blogs though (multi-tasker right here,) and am now in bed ready to turn on a Mad Men and go to sleep!

Hope you all had exactly the weekend you needed, and hope you all have a good week lined up!


Jinx. You owe me a cocktail.

I said this today, and then I totally jinxed myself.

I am pretty sure as soon as I said that, boom, work got crazy! On a Friday afternoon. Why, oh why? The good news is, its still Friday. It’s still the weekend. And my new favorite thing to do is leave my work at the door and focus on relaxing and having fun!

Yesterday was fun too. I woke up and had a fun, new breakfast combo. Cottage cheese, crumbled low-fat muffin (that the roomie had baked) and fruit! It was so good I had it today too.

Thursday's Breakfast

Today's Breakfast

Banana’s today, strawberries yesterday. All so good. It was like breakfast cake. No complaints there.

Lunch yesterday and today were both really good as well. I need to stop going out to lunch and bring my food more, but yesterday I at least got lunch on a co-worker.

Thursday's Lunch: Vietnamese Vermicelli Bowl with Summer rolls instead of Spring rolls.

Friday's Lunch: Half a Tuna Garden Salad Wrap plus a small bag of BBQ Pop Chips (not pictured.)

I got home from work and headed strait to the gym to do another NROLFW session. They are short workouts but I was in a rush because I was suppose to go out for my friend’s birthday. She had also had to move that day, so she ended up just wanting to stay in. Since the roommate and I had planned on going out for this, we ended up just going and getting dinner and a cocktail before heading to her new¬†apartment.

We ended up going to Circa in Clarendon. I had been there once before for appetizers and drinks only so I was excited to try some more of their food because the apps were delicious.

I started with a Watermelon Cooler (crushed watermelon, rum and lime) and my roomie got a¬†Pomegranate¬†Martini. My drink was the hand’s down winner. It may have been the best cocktail I have ever had. And I do not say that from lack of experience.

If you live in the DMV area you must go try this cocktail. So good and refreshing. For dinner I ordered a Salmon Spinach salad, which was great too. The salmon was perfectly cooked. Overcooked salmon is such a faux pas.

Salmon, spinach, goat cheese, cranberries, red onions + balsamic.

After dinner we were walking back to the car and a new cupcakery was passing out freebies. Yes, free cupcakes! We told the clerk it was our friends birthday and we were able to get 4 for free which we brought back to the birthday girl’s apartment.

Yes, that is my lap, don't judge.

We said happy birthday and enjoyed our cupcakes with a glass of champagne. Sometimes simple birthday celebrations are the best in my book.

I am now sitting drinking a Magic Hat Vinyl Lager that has been in my¬†refrigerator¬†since February (classy) and eating some Amy’s Pizza. I feel like I have drank more than I normally do this week, but I guess it’s just that kind of week.

Amy's Pesto pizza + leftover chicken + mushrooms on top.

I am off to yet another birthday party, this time for a coworker, so I will be back tomorrow. Happy weekend!!

Hungry, hungry hippo.

I am not sure why but I was so hungry yesterday. I woke up starving and ate a good sized breakfast¬†with whole grains, peanut butter and chia seeds,¬†but by 11:30 my stomach was¬†grumbling, and I already wanted lunch. I waited it out until noon, as I was in the middle of some things at work, and heated up the lunch I had brought in of leftovers from Sunday night’s dinner. Veggie whole wheat pasta with chicken sausage.

(I know, how pretty are these Tupperware containers? Note to self: buy pretty plate and bowl for work as to not blind anyone with my Tupperware sets ;))

I added a little hot sauce on top to give it some zest. Actually, I had some hot sauce in a tiny tub on the side and dipped my fork in and then dipped for fork into the pasta. I know, genius right? Not too much hot sauce, but just enough. I am sure you were all dying to know that little tid bit. Moving along.

As I said, all day yesterday, hungry, hungry hippo. Not too long after I had finished lunch, maybe around 2pm I’d say I was starving again. I rummaged around my snack drawer, which is mostly filled with tea, which are hardly snacks, and found a bag of 100 calorie popcorn. Threw that baby in the microwave, cut up a peach and called it a snack.

(Pretend the peach, which was delicious I might add, is sitting right next to the popcorn in this picture.)

More and more work later it was time to leave work and I realized again that I was starving. Famished one might say. I am never like this for the record so I don’t know if it was that I was super busy all day and my brain was demanding¬†subsistence¬†or what, but as soon as I walked in the door, I dropped any idea of going to the gym, and made some¬†guacamole to be eaten with one lovely glass of¬†Chardonnay.

I had a serving of the Reduced Guilt White Corn Tortilla Chips from TJs with some guac and salsa. I had not had these chips before and while they are okay, real tortilla chips are just so much better. I think it has to do with the crunch. Would I rather have reduced guilt tortilla and a glass of wine instead of just regular tortillas? Oh you betcha!

My roommate came home ecstatic that I had made guac and happily ate some of it as well. The avocado was on the brink of badness anyways, so I suppose you could call it guacamole fate. (Yes, it exists and its a beautiful thing.)

A while after guacamole madness, I threw dinner in the oven. We were having a friend over, so I decided that the 1/3 of the guacamole we had left would probably not satisfy her dining needs.

I made a pork tenderloin baked with apples with steamed broccoli and whole wheat cous-cous on the side. It was¬†unfortunately¬†not the best pork I have ever made, so its good there were sweet, baked apples on the side to make up for it. I tried to take a picture and somehow failed which is fine as¬†I also couldn’t get through my plate because I was, gasp, still feeling okay after my chip and dip fest.Oh well, in the fridge it went for a potential meal down the road. Even though it was just okay. Let’s be honest, it will probably get thrown away in my Sunday¬†refrigerator¬†cleaning fest, but a girl can try, right?

A few SATC’s later and a show I am watching on Netflix that I’ve decided I am too¬†embarrassed¬†to share with you (yes its that bad, no I am not being dramatic) guess who was knocking at my door again with grumbles? If you guessed my stomach, you were correct.

I sat in bed wondering for a while if I should just fight through the grumbles and go to sleep, or if I should make myself a small snack. I decided to go ahead and get a snack, small bowl of Honey Sunshine Kashi with a splash of milk.

The snack was probably less that 150 calories, and left me feeling content. I’m still not sure if I should have eaten that cereal or not. Although I am not sure should is the word I want to use.

So let me ask you this:¬†Are bedtime snacks a yea or a nay in your book? Why or why not?¬†I’ve been known to not have one even though I may be hungry or, like last night, get up and have a small snack. ¬†Let me know!

Overnight OIAJ.

Yesterday’s breakfast was a first here at Broccolini + Cheese, yesterday I had my first, ever Overnight Oats! While I had OIAJ once before, this is the first time I let them sit overnight which, in my first timer’s opinion, really makes all the difference.

The night before I added:

  • 5 oz FF Honey Greek Yogurt
  • 1/2 cup FF milk
  • (almost) 1/2 cup Oats
  • Blueberries
  • Half a banana
  • 1/2 tbsp Flax Seed
  • 1/2 tbsp Chia Seed
  • Last bit of (not-so-great) PB
Wow, was this good! I added a little TJ Low Fat Vanilla Almond Granola on top for a bit of a crunch since I didn’t really know what to expect or if I’d enjoy the cold oats, but it was so good. The flavors all mixed together and I was left full and¬†satisfied¬†all morning long.¬†
Around lunchtime I realized that the lunch I had brought in on Friday of last week that I was playing on eating was not looking smelling too good. My office doesn’t really have that many options that are super convenient to get to, park at, etc, so I ended up going to Subway. I felt like I was just there, but I suppose this was a lunch sandwich and last time I got a breakfast sandwich so its totally different… right? ūüėČ
The last lady I had at Subway was quite stingy with her vegetables, so i was glad this lady packed them in there. I had turkey, pepper jack, and lots of veggies including a scoop of avocado with a little oil and vinegar on top.
As I have mentioned, and not to be a Debbie Downer, but work has been insane on so many levels lately. So when I got back from lunch and saw someone had made cupcakes, I figured why not.
There weren’t too big, but it definitely was a small little perk for my day. (As are my pink post-it notes that I was nice enough to share with the cupcake.) A little while later into the afternoon, my sweet tooth was back, as it always is after I have sweets, so I cut myself up some mango to battle my sweet too with fruit! This mango was awesome, in fact, dare I say better than the cupacke. I ate it before snapping up a photo, but have more so I’ll be sure to share what kind they are, because it was have been the best mango I’ve ever had. (Bold statement right there, people.)
I got home from work and headed down to the gym and hopped on the¬†elliptical to see how my toe would handle it. It’s been almost 2 weeks since the surgery, and while the doc said no running until he cleared me, (possibly tomorrow,) I decided the¬†elliptical¬†would be okay.¬†¬†Call me crazy, but I just do not like the elliptical. It is really boring in my book! I stayed on for just over 20 minutes until my toe started to burn. At this point, I think its more the sweat going into the wound the the toe itself, but I suppose I will know more tomorrow. I did some floor work, stretches and abs, before calling it quits for the night.
For dinner I made a new recipe by roommate found in Fitness Magazine: Corn and Quinoa Salad with Chicken Sausage.
It turned out really well. The salad consists of quinoa, corn,¬†zucchini, yellow squash, red bell pepper and onion with a lemon, EVOO dressing. You are suppose to put cumin in it, but I didn’t have any so I just added a few extra spices in there (think¬†oregano, thyme, etc) and it was delicious. Very summery and fresh tasting.
After a long day at work, I definitely need one two of these as well.
After dinner I watched some Sex & the City before headed to bed. I have been super tired lately, which may be due to the fact that I’ve unintentionally lowered my caffeine intake (iced coffee just hasn’t sounded that great lately! I know the insanity.)
This morning I woke up and had an oldie but goodie for breakfast. Two waffles, two PBs (dark chocolate on one, white chocolate on the other) plus banana and chia seeds on top, with an iced coffee on the side. Hopefully this gives me a little more energy throughout my day today!
At work now, so I must go! But I leave you with an important question:
What’s your favorite way to make Overnight OIAJ?

Keep it Positive.

Time has really flown by again today. I suppose that’s what happens when you have a lot of work to do, with not a whole lot of direction on how to do it. I am so frustrated with my job right now, but I am going to try my best to keep it positive. I just have to keep moving forward, and just keep planning and planning until the day I get in my car and drive West. I’ll have a better update on my timeline soon, which may be closer than you all think! Keep sending good vibes (and jobs) my way!

Now, let’s talk eats. Yesterday I woke up late, so I threw a bunch of food in my bag and was out the door faster than you can say, “what.” I made a yogurt-cereal-fruit concoction once I got to my desk.

In the mix:

  • 1/2 cup Kashi Cinnamon Harvest
  • 1/2 cup Kashi Honey Sunshine
  • 1/2 banana
  • blueberries
  • chia seeds
  • Chobani Vanilla Greek Yogurt
It was good, but I really love eating breakfast at home and starting my day relaxed. That’s what I get for shutting of my alarm and falling right back asleep.
I got pulled into a meeting yesterday at 11:50am which lasted strait until lunchtime. My stomach was growling in the meeting, and I think people may have even heard it, but that’s what they get for not letting me eat at my¬†regularly¬†scheduled¬†time!
I came back to my desk and woofed down leftover Veggie Pasta from last night. Luckily this heats up fast and well. I threw a little hot sauce on it to make it a little spicy and called it a quick lunch.

I actually wish there were more veggies in this, I think I got a bad scoop! Oh to the well.

Towards the end of afternoon before heading home I snacked on an apple and some peanut butter. Thankfully this PB is almost gone. It was not the greatest, and I didn’t mean to grab the reduced fat when I was buying it. I feel like reduced fat meant dry, and I like my peanut butter more on the non-dry (wetter sounds¬†awkward) side.

I bounced (yes I just said bounced) from work a little after 5 and headed home. It rained yesterday afternoon so I was happy to feel a much cooler air when I walked out of my office. Granted it was still 80 and muggy, but it felt incredible after the 100+ weather we have been experience here in the DC area. I was planning on heading home and jumping on the¬†elliptical¬†since I was thinking my toe could handle it but with it being so nice out I decided to get one last long walk while it wasn’t too hot to do so.

While I have enjoyed my walks (they are relaxing and give me time to clear my head) I cannot wait to start back up with running. While running is not quite as relaxing to me, it does clear my head, and it puts me in such a better mood, which is all part of my Positive Polly attitude people ūüėÄ After my walk I did some yoga moves on my mat to stretch out and did some abs. Pulling out my yoga mat made me miss yoga, so I am thinking of going to a class this weekend!

Dinner was a quick and delicious grilled chicken summer salad. I pulled out the Good Old George Foreman, threw some chicken breasts on it with a little spice, chopped some veggies and even a little fruit, topped it was balsamic, a little olive oil, and a little feta and poof, summer dinner salad was served.

After dinner I caught up on some blogs, got out bid on The Great Fundraising Act, and watched The Lincoln Lawyer. Oh, and I also prepared my first ever Overnight Oats in a Jar… More on that to come! I promise to post tonight! All these day after things are even getting old in my book!