Fall in a Bowl.

Yesterday for breakfast, I ate fall in a bowl. For the past month or so I have see pumpkin oats all around on this blog or that. And for the past month or so I have been meaning to pick up a can of pumpkin puree. Well, on Sunday I finally remembered and picked up a can from Trader Joe’s. Since I missed breakfast on Monday, it was clear that I wasn’t about to miss it again yesterday, I mean it is the most important meal of the day, not to mention, I had some pumpkin oats to try!


Try I did and they were fantastic. At first I thought I had put too much pumpkin and water in the oats I was making. I threw some chia seeds in the mix too help soak some of the liquid up, put in it the microwave for just a little longer than normal, and the crisis was averted. I topped my oats with some fresh blueberries and some agave sweetener (my new obsession) and a little piece of fall was mine for breakfast. (Don’t worry, plenty of fall to go around. Winking smile)

Lunch was another chicken patty from Trader Joe’s (clearly obsessed with these too,) on a Whole Wheat Bagel Thin with spicy hummus, red onion, cucumbers and spinach plus some carrots on the side. Another winning meal, if I do say so myself.


Dinner’s inspiration was care of my go to blog for healthy recipes, SkinnyTaste. If you’ve never been on the site, go now! It’s great, super easy to search, and has all the nutritional information you need.

I made Chicken + Mushrooms in a Garlic White Wine Sauce, and it turned out great. The only steps I did differently was skip the flour and butter. I paired the chicken with whole wheat cous cous and a big salad on the side.


Overall, a pretty yummy day for food. I also had a hard boiled egg in there after my workout in the afternoon.

Speaking of workouts, yesterday I decided to start a Couch to 10K program. The first workout was a little easy, so I think I am going to try the second week, workout one and see if that’s better. I figured that even though I’m not starting from the couch per se, I am starting outside and in a city with a lot of hills. The program is on my iPhone, so it tells you want to walk or run, and no matter where I was on my route, I would run when it said. Sometimes this was up some freaking steep hills (good for the booty!) but it was still a bit too easy for me. So I’m just going to do the first day of each week until I get to a week that I find challenging. Then I will complete the week (3 runs per week.) I may do more than 3 runs a week, I may not. I am just going to go at a pace that comfortable to me, yet challenging at the same time.

I’m frustrated with my fitness improvements over the time I started this blog till now. While I have had lots of big changes since I started the goal of becoming a runner, I really have no excuse now. That being said, I know me, and I know I can over do it. So I am going to try and listen to my body, push myself in a good way, and see where I end up. I am looking for a race to sign up for in the near future, but what to get a few weeks in of running in this new city before I commit myself. I also want to wait a few weeks, because I have decided to go to a Team in Training informational meeting in a few weeks to see if that is the way I want to train. I think running with a team would be so motivational for me. It’s always just been me with my running, and running alone, or going to a race, alone, just seems so depressing to me sometimes. I am trying to convince my sister to go with me, and run with me, so we shall see.

I am sure some of you have been a part of Team in Training. Do you recommend it? Also, San Francisco/Bay Area runners, where do you like to run? I need to get my booty moving, so any information you have, I would love to hear!

Speaking of getting my booty moving, I am out the door to get a workout in! Have a happy hump day!


Breakfast to Breakfast.

Yesterday I thought it was Thursday, and today I keep thinking it’s Friday, so all in all I have had a disappointing two days. 😉 (Joking. Mostly.) I do feel though like my days left in DC are going fast. Like fast, fast! I have so much to do + so much left to enjoy, so everyday I try to incorporate at least one thing in that I’ve been meaning to do or have to do. I’ve mostly been only getting through the meaning to do (aka, hang out with friends I haven’t seen in a while and eat at good places) + not the have to dos (packing, planning, tossing + donating.) Even though I am super excited to be moving back West, DC is a great city, just one I think I’d prefer to visit in the future as oppose to live in – if that makes sense.

And actually, I must confess, yesterday I just plain didn’t do anything. Not a meaning to do or a have to. I just went home, made some dinner + chilled. Actually, maybe that was a meaning to do! I have been busy and needed some downtime.

Speaking of yesterday, let’s talk breakfast, because it was delicious. After a disappointing peach earlier this week, I knew that something else had to be done with the peaches I had bought because they alone were just not cutting it. Since I love baking banana right in with my oats, I thought I could probably do the same with a peach and that for some reason this would help. Well either I am a genius, or the cinnamon + dark chocolate pb I put on top helped, but it worked! And well.

Oats + flaxseed + chia seeds + cinnamon + one peach (cubed) + a healthy does of PB = Delicious. It was a pre-Fall-ish bowl of fun. Just what I wanted.

Yesterday’s lunch was simple, but also just what I wanted.

Turkey hummus sandwich on a thin with onions, cucumbers + lettuce. Plus grapes + carrots on the side. Perfectly simple, tasty + sweet.

My afternoon snack was simple too. Just my favorite Luna Bar, Blueberry Bliss, and a big cup of H20. I was thirsty!

Yesterday’s dinner was an oldie, but a goodie. Turkey taco salad night. It’s my go to meal when I am feeling lazy, which yesterday I was.

It didn’t hurt either that I had all the ingredients beside the ground turkey. Romaine + cucumbers + red onion + black beans + salsa + avocado (that I turned into guacamole)  + a sprinkling of reduced-fat Mexican cheese.

My roommate also decided to make funfetti cake so I had a little sliver of that too. It was gone before I thought to take a picture. Funfetti is a weakness I tell you 😉

And since lunch today was a special little treat (more on that later,) let’s complete this post with today’s workout + breakfast.

I woke up this morning NOT motivated at all. In fact that has been a trend this week. I blame the no AC, and therefore not sleeping well, as the culprit. But I made myself get up this AM and decided to change my workout up a bit since the gym too was super hot. Instead of my scheduled 25 minute run, I did a quick warm-up, ran a mile @ 5.7, quick cool down, and then did a full body strength workout. It felt great! I clearly need to do more strength, I think its safe to say I like it a lot, as I can work out my frustrations that way 😉

After the gym I had a quick breakfast – sandwich thin, DCPB + a banana. I forgot to put chia seeds on though! Whoops! I was in a rush.

(I think my breakfast looks like a monkey in this photo.)

That’s all for now. Be back later to talk lunch! (For realz this time!)


First things first. I officially quit my job today! AKA holy moly!! It was an awkward moment between my boss and I, but I think he understands. Either way, its official. I am leaving this place and moving on up West.

Secondly, I meant to post my third week schedule and second week recap of my 5K training yesterday, but then I got sucked in to watching a Lifetime Movie that basically took over my evening.

Last weeks 5K training went okay, but as I think I’ve mentioned I missed out on my “long run.” By long I mean 2.5 miles, which I know there are so many of you out there training for marathons and here I am complaining about the demands of my 5K training, but with only so many weeks left here in DC, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed, especially since the race I was hoping to run is the day before I leave for California, but more on that later, here’s how it went overall last week:

Monday: 2 miles
Tuesday: 15 minute run + Strength training
Wednesday: Interval walk/run (3 minute warm up; 3 mins @ 5.8 + 1 min @ 3.8 until I hit 2 miles plus 3 minute cool down.)
Thursday: 20 minute run
Friday: Off
Saturday: 2.5 mile run 20 minute run + Strength training
Sunday: Off 2(ish) mile walk

See, okay. But nothing to write home about. At least I added in some strength training (mostly upper body + abs.)

As a reminder, this is the plan I am loosely following. So this week will hopefully look something like this plus two days of strength training thrown in:

Monday: Off
Tuesday: 20 minute run
Wednesday: Run/Walk intervals
Thursday: 25 minute run
Friday: Run/Walk intervals
Saturday: Off
Sunday: 2.75 mile run

Overall, every time I run, I do feel better. I do however need to run outside more, which hopefully I can start doing now that it’s getting a little cooler out. Back to the date of my 5K though. When I first started this plan I committed to running a 5K no matter what on September 17th. Well, now as fate shall have it, I am leaving for California just 2 days after. I have a feeling my work will want to throw me a happy hour on the 16th, meaning I am not going to be up to running on the 17th?

Bottom line: I do not want to set myself up for failure. I still want to run it on the 17th like I said, but I want to run it and run it well. I feel like so many things on this blog that I have committed to have not worked out as planned + while I realize that is what this blog is about, finding my way to this new lifestyle of balance. I am not going to lie. I have been frustrated. With myself. I have a feeling once I get back to California and get settled, I am going to feel 100% better in regards to health + happiness. I just know. So should I wait until I get back to run a 5K? Maybe on the 2nd of October and bump it up to a 7K race? (There is one that day in San Francisco!)

What do you all think? I would appreciate any opinions you have! So please, help a sister out!! I am a little lost and have a lot to do before I leave here in 3 short weeks!

What would you do?


Yesterday, I really wanted to have an overall really good day after my weekend of a little fun. However, as I said, I started my day on the wrong foot by forgetting my breakfast + lunch AND by getting pulled over!

I decided to swing by Subway and get my faithful egg white patty + veggies sandwich. At around 300 calories, I really think its my favorite breakfast on the go. (Although I prefer to make them at home, if you can actually believe that!

Lunch was another on the go, but this time I hit up Whole Foods for their salad bar, and two grab a few things for dinner!

I love WF salad’s bar. I always seem to go for a Mediterranean themed salad. And it never leads me stray. I tried the Garlicky Kale for the first time too. DELISH!

Dinner was baked BBQ chicken, roasted asparagus + some whole grain rice on the side. Perfectly simple, but so good. It really hit the spot.

I’ll try not to get sucked into any lame movies tonight and make it back for today’s meals! Hope you are all having a great Tuesday!

I Hope You Don’t Mind.

ETA: I know the formatting is so bad, but I keep trying to fix it and fail. Help? Anyone?

I hope you all don’t mind, but over the next 27 days (yes, I said 27 days) I will probably be chatting your ears off about moving to California. I will try not to bore you all though. Promise.

I did some quick research yesterday to set my mind at ease, including:

  • Different routes I can take  –>  I think I have decided to do more of a Northern route as oppose to Southern.
  • If I will be liquidating my assets or shipping via a pod or moving service –> Seriously considering liquidation…it’s not like all my things are Restoration Hardware status.
  • When I will be officially leaving –> Monday, September 19th it is!
  • Whether or not to push back my 5K since its 2 days before I am leaving –> Planning on still running it! It will be good to get some exercise in before sitting in a car for a week.
Obviously I have a lot more to work out + plan, but I am actually feeling okay and know it will all get done and that I will get to California! 😀
Yesterday, I got up and did something I haven’t done in a while: run. After last’s week missed workouts, I knew that I needed to start getting my workouts done in the morning. Now let me tell you, I hate waking up early + I love sleep. It’s also really hard for me to go to sleep before 11:00pm. So 6:00am wake ups to work out, well, they are rough. But yesterday (and today too) I woke up and got ‘er done. I headed to the gym and jumped on the treadmill warming up for a few minutes and then running my schedule 15 minutes @ 5.7, with a short cool down. Quick workout, but it was what was planned + it was freaking early, and that’s what counts in my book.
5.7 seems to be what’s comfortable for me right now on the treadmill (or 10:31,) which to be honest is fine by me for now. My goal for my 5K is to run it all, have fun + finish my first race. If I can run it in approximately 30 minutes. I will be a happy camper. You have to start somewhere, right?
Anyways, after my workout I headed back to my apartment and had a few gulps of a new concoction I made.
This is seriously awesome. Basically I bought a bottle of Kefir (which is basically just more liquidy yogurt if that makes sense) and added about 1/3 of a cup of Chia Seeds to eat. Well first I had to take a few sips, but then I added the Chia Seeds. It’s like Chia Magical Tapioca Pudding, although that doesn’t make it sounds as good as it is. Anyways. Try it. Tell me what you think!
After a quick shower, I made the second half of my breakfast.
One slice of Ezekiel 4:9 Bread with Almond-Peanut Butter, 1/2 a banana, and Chia seeds (I’m obsessed.) Plus the other half of a banana with a little more APB.
Lunch came around and a co-worker offered to take me to lunch, since I had picked him up some Stevia at Trader Joe’s over the weekend. I never say no to pho, or sort of free lunch, so I agreed to go along.
We shared an order of summer rolls to start, and then I ordered a small bowl of the shrimp pho. So delicious!
(I opt out of publishing the summer roll pic, I was holding it in my hand, and it just looked awkward. They look like this if you are curious. Moving on…)
It was actually cooler out yesterday, especially in the AM and in my office, so it was nice to actually want + enjoy a nice hot, bowl of soup!
Approximately 20 minutes after I got back from lunch, the ever famous East Coast Quake happened! At first, I thought no big deal. I’ve been in my fair share of earthquakes after all, but all of a sudden there was a big old jolt and for a split second I thought the building was going to crumble! It didn’t. And I am fine, but it wasn’t fun at all to say the least. Maybe its the West Coast’s way of welcoming me back to California 😉
I got home from work and needed a glass of wine to shake off the feeling (no pun intended.) I eventually made myself a simple + easy dinner. An Amy’s Burrito topped with non-fat Greek Chobani, a little Guac Hummus, salsa and hot sauce!  Plus steamed broccoli on the side for something green.
Amy is always there for me when I am feeling lazy and don’t want to actually cook. Thanks Amy! 🙂
I’ll be back later for today’s eats. I had this catch up thing! But yesterday I decided to #fitblog instead of blog! And let me tell you, it was worth it! See ya later, alligators!

I’m Going Going, Back Back…

… To Cali, Cali!

I’m sure if you follow me on twitter, you have probably guessed by now that I decided to take the leap and move to San Francisco!

I am excited, scared, anxious, happy, overwhelmed but ready to take this head on.

Oh and by the way, I need to be out of my apartment by September 20th!!! While this is so soon, its okay because that means I will be home by my birthday (September 30th) and that means I am going to be started my 27th year off fresh and focused in the state I want to be it. And that has to be a good sign.

I have a lot to do in less than a month, but I know I can get it done. Probably the only thing I know for sure as of this moment is that I will be driving. Hopefully this is my last cross country road trip ever because it is definitely not my first.

I will keep you all in the loop as I go, but I just want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all of you who had the nicest words of encouragement to say to me. I appreciated them all so much and they really did give me that extra push to make this decision.

So with all that being said, here goes nothing!! California here I come!


It was so nice yesterday to be able to make lunch in my own kitchen. I think this is my new dream. Making lunch at home everyday. I am going to try to live as close to my new office as possible (you know when I get my dream job after I land in SF next month) so I can walk home for lunch.

I whipped up a pretty tasty salad complete with lettuce, onion, cucumber, feta (fat free,) hummus guacamole, a slice of turkey + a strip of turkey bacon. I also put a little Trader Joe’s Fat Free Balsamic on top. First time having this + I loved it!

A little while later I had a snack of banana + Dark Chocolate PB + chia seeds. Yum, yum + more yum.

A little while after my snack I headed to the gym for my 2 miles that I needed to make up for after missing it this weekend. And you know what? It felt so good. I think with all my news, I just needed to run! I warmed up and planned on running 1 mile, doing a breather and then doing the other, but at 1 mile I knew I could do more so I kept on running until I was at 2 miles. It felt pretty good! I cooled down, and did some upper body strength work (lat pull downs, rows, chest press + some ab work) and called it a workout.

I made a quick + easy dinner afterwards of whole wheat pasta, zucchini, mushrooms, onions, garlic + chicken sausage with some olive oil on top. Oh + a sprinkle of freshly grated parmesan. 🙂

I also had a I’m-moving-back-to-California-celebratory glass of wine, + I ended my night with one of these.

Have you ever driven cross country? Favorite route? I think I know which way I’m going but I probably won’t share until I get to CA! (Safety first!)